Monday, April 13, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 4.3

Back inside Room 938, Baron found himself rapidly reaching his breaking point again. He couldn’t help it. Aurelia just kept sending him over the edge with her hips, her lips, her everything.

Yet before he would allow himself to surrender to ecstasy this time, Baron shifted their positions yet again. He didn’t want to go over the edge this way. He had something else in mind.

Determined to have Aurelia in every position he could while he could, Baron soon had her glistening brown frame hedged in between him and the wall at the head of the bed. Reentering her hot core soon thereafter, he literally went for broke.

Aurelia’s squeals of pleasure, heavy pants, and the way her nails tried to dig into the wall ahead told him that she was still enjoying herself just as much as he was. Those gyrating hips of hers confirmed that assessment.

Tingling from head to toe, Aurelia arched her back for more, more, and yet more. When Baron gave her more, she matched his aggression beat for beat. Inside her mind swirled with questions, despite the fact that it was also cloudy with passion.

Who was this man that had her so zoned out? So dazed that she actually thought she was Aurora instead of Aurelia. Where did he live? What were his parents’ names? What was his favorite food? And by the way, what was his real name?

Aurelia suddenly wanted to know everything about the professor now. All the non-sexual stuff. The stuff that made for a real relationship.

But how could she? Sex had come first for them. Never mind the obstacles of their polar opposite professions.

Realizing that this might be all she’d ever have of the professor, all she’d ever know about him, Aurelia began to thrust against him even harder. Faster. She was desperate for him now.

Misinterpreting that desperation as passionate fervor, Baron responded in kind, matching her pace and fervency. His mind twirled with questions at the same time.

What manner of woman had he come across tonight? Was she this giving, this much of a team player in other areas of her life? More importantly, would she allow him to get to know her better beyond tonight?

When the pleasure got to be too much for Baron, he threw his head back and roared out his passion as he went sailing over the edge once again.

Aurelia trailed behind him a few seconds later with a deep shudder and a loud scream of ecstasy. And that’s when she knew that one night with him would never be enough for her.

* * *

Things finally quieted down next door around 3am. That’s when Count made a call to Baron’s cell phone.

Baron picked up on the sixth ring. He sounded groggy and tired. He ought to be after four straight hours of sex. It was a good thing the wedding wasn’t until 2pm.

“I just wanted to let you know that they’ll be back to pick Aurora up at 9am,” Count reminded him. “So in case you sleep in late, make sure you have her fee laid out so she won’t have to wake you up for it.”

Baron was suddenly wide awake now. He forgot this was a business arrangement just that fast. It had felt so real. Like Aurelia was really into it. Even now she slept with a smile on her face as she dozed beside him.

“Will do,” Baron said with a frown, now wondering how much to pay her. No money had been discussed between them concerning this tryst. Having never done anything like this before, he had no price references to pull from.

“And, Baron?” Count said, interrupting his brother’s thoughts by calling him by his given name.


“You’re not going to stalk this woman, are you? Because everybody heard how much you were enjoying her.” Some of us saw it, too, Count added to himself.

“No. I understand it was just business,” Baron replied, despite the fact that it had felt so personal.

“Good.” Count let out a breath of relief.

When Baron hung up, he eased out of the bed and got more cash from his suitcase. Still unsure about the price, he decided to give Aurelia a grand for each hour of pleasure he received from her. Even then he wondered if that was enough to pay someone for restoring a precious commodity like his libido.

After laying the funds on the nightstand with a note that said, ‘Yours’, Baron did not return to the bed. Instead he went to take a long shower. He needed some time alone to think. Time to figure out why this sexual encounter was so powerful. More powerful than any he had ever known before.

Baron also needed time to mentally prepare himself for the moment that Aurelia would leave him. For the moment when he would have to say goodbye…forever. Why did that suddenly grieve him more than losing Megan?

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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