Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 22.2

With a needy groan, Baron surrendered to Aurelia’s kiss as she smoothly straddled him. With fervor, he poured deep passion into that kiss as his greedy hands reached down and grabbed hearty handfuls of her bottom.

This was a full contact sport. All manner of touching was allowed in this game.

Her eyes now dry and the brown envelope a forgotten entity on the floor, Aurelia began to work her sensual hips upon Baron, prompting him to do the same. He did.

Rhythmic was their grind. Slow and erotic, too.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, baby,” Aurelia whispered against his mouth

“So have I,” Baron replied.

They dove into another kiss.

“You’ve been tormenting me for months in that class, you know,” she said, continuing to move her hips slowly upon him.

“How so?” he asked, matching her pace in every way.

“By walking your sexy frame back and forth in those fitting jeans of yours,” Aurelia replied, beginning a unique sequence of kiss-confession-kiss.


“Flexing your hard biceps in those short-sleeved shirts while writing on the board.”


“Constantly licking those gorgeous pink lips of yours while reading at your desk.”


“And when you stood behind me at the board yesterday, I thought I was going to explode right then and there.”

Baron moaned and deepened the latest kiss even more. Just knowing she’d been paying that kind of attention to him in class had him ablaze, rigid and throbbing to the point of distraction.

“But the worst torment of all was believing that you were giving all that body to someone else,” Aurelia continued, bringing her string of confessions to an end.

“How could I settle for Jordin, when the woman I really wanted to be inside of was you?” Baron replied in a hoarse whisper, speaking again after a long silence. The aching in his body had him in literal pain now. “Only you,” he said, plunging a hand inside the back of her shorts, his fingers traveling until he reached the hottest vacation spot of all.

Aurelia gasped at his delicious invasion and moaned aloud.

“Baby, you’re so ready for me,” he said upon finding her beyond tropical. She was drenched.


“Always,” Aurelia replied, rocking her hips forward to communicate with his hand. Her own hands tugged down her top, placing her melons right at the door of his mouth.

Baron knew exactly what to do with that silent invitation. He opened his lips and feasted.

Aurelia moaned aloud again and anchored her hands on the back of the sofa for leverage. It was time to go to work. Soon she began to move her hips at lightning speed as the clenching inside her body tripled.

“Slow it down, baby. At least long enough for me to really get inside,” Baron said against her bosom, using his free hand to reach between them to unzip his pants.

“I can’t wait, baby,” Aurelia panted out, too impatient and too far gone to wait for the real connection.

Discerning the truth of that statement, Baron continued to prime her pump with his hand tools.

Within seconds Aurelia went over the edge with a violent shudder and a loud scream. And just as suddenly everything went…


© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Okay, let me be the first to say that I would probably run from a man with the power to make me FAINT during sex (or rather foreplay in A & B's case). Run screaming for the hills at that. lol.

    I'm laughing, but I'm soooo serious.


    Baron got the GOLDEN TOUCH!

    He was able to not break the rule. Baron is a BEAST!

  3. Jessie6:08 PM

    What was that excuse about undoing his pants. Was all that for nothing? Yikes, what a way to leave us hanging here, Suprina.

  4. Paula: All I can do is laugh with you, girl. LOL!

    Jessie: The brotha was trying to make it happen, but the girl was already in the zone. Thus the pants were unzipped to no avail. Giggle. This whole scene just tickled me.

    I'll be back with more in the next hour or so. I have to write and edit first.

  5. wow girl, this is some serious steamy STUFF!!!