Friday, April 24, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 25.2

That mild California night suddenly got blazing hot as Baron and Aurelia’s kiss caused desire to instantly sizzle in their veins. They couldn’t get enough of tasting one another, touching one another, just loving one another.

Her hands found their way underneath his black polo shirt and roamed that hairy chest of his. His hands couldn’t seem to stop squeezing her supple bottom.

When Baron couldn’t find a panty or thong line, his hands roamed upwards. Finding no evidence of a bra strap either, he abruptly broke the kiss.

“Are you completely naked underneath this dress?” Baron asked with passion aflame in his blue-brown pools.

“Yes,” Aurelia panted out, pulling his head back towards her for another kiss.

“Happy, happy birthday to me,” Baron whispered huskily, before lowering ravenous lips to hers again. His hands pulled her dress up to her waist, eager to remove all hindrances to the flesh-to-flesh squeeze he desired.

Aurelia moaned when he filled his large hands with her bottom again and gently squeezed. “Is today really your birthday?” she asked against his mouth.

“Oh, yes. And as a present to my eyes, I’m going to watch myself take you tonight…inch by inch,” he said, withdrawing a bit to give her an intense stare with that promise.

Aurelia gasped at his provocative words, shuddered at that look. Then with a hungry groan, she literally attacked his mouth.

That kiss led to many more. Deep kisses. Suckling kisses. Kisses that traveled.

Aurelia gasped when Baron lowered the V-neck of her dress, descended with his kisses, licked her gumdrops, and then took turns feasting upon her chocolate boom-shocka-locka-booms. Moaning out her pleasure, she instinctively arched towards him, encouraging him to feast even more. Her eyes, though barely seen under her long hooded lashes, took in the view of Baron’s pink lips working overtime.

Was the man trying to swallow her melons whole?

And his hands. The left one supported her back while the right one cascaded downward for a time of deep sea diving and exploration.

As if the command ‘open sesame’ had been given to them, Aurelia’s legs moved further apart, giving Baron even greater access to her hidden treasures. She moaned loudly as his right hand took full advantage of that access. “Yes,” she whispered breathlessly.

“That word is music to my ears, baby,” Baron muttered against her bosom. “Let me see if I can press replay,” he said, before licking a trail from one rigid peak to the other.

Aurelia shuddered, moaned again, and repeated the same whisper. “Yes,” she said, running her tongue slowly over her lips even as her hips began to communicate with his hand.

Seeing her tongue, Baron leaned up to capture it between his lips. He pulled it deep into his mouth for a long suckle. His right hand continued to prime her for what was to come.

Aurelia didn’t need any priming. She was already ready. Had been for months. As a result, she went over the edge quickly.

Baron continued to kiss her the whole time, swallowing her screams of ecstasy in his mouth. When most of her internal clenching had calmed, he broke the long kiss, and laid her on her back on the chaise. Then he removed his shirt, lowered his black jeans and underwear, and quickly donned their protection.

When everything was in place, Baron positioned Aurelia’s right leg upon his left shoulder, and slowly joined with her under the starry sky. Like he promised earlier, he watched himself take her inch by satisfying inch, moaning the whole time.

Finally they were completely reunited again and it felt so good. Too good.

The journey to ecstasy began slow and steady. Baron continued to watch their coupling, licking his lips constantly. Every now and then he’d look up into Aurelia’s eyes to make sure she was enjoying herself, too.

She was. Immensely. That much was evident by the naughty looks she kept giving him. The husky whispers of “Yes” and “More”.

Ready to add to their enjoyment in every way, Aurelia pulled her leg from his shoulder and tucked it behind her head.


Baron’s eyes bucked at that unexpected action. A surge of adrenaline whipped through his body.

Ready, set, go!

Fueled by months of hunger, Baron leaped into the fast lane with both feet. Like a track star running the 50-yard dash, he went at Aurelia hard and fast. His hips were programmed to lightning speed. Yet every stroke was smooth and fluent, revealing his proficiency in yet another area of his life.

Eager to run the same race, Aurelia lowered her leg and matched his brisk pace. She didn’t miss a beat as her hips surged up to meet his time and time again. She wanted Baron to know that she could keep up with him in every way. Was thrilled to do so. Not even Cain had gotten this level of enthusiasm from her.

Soon they were both going over the edge, together this time. Forgetting where they were, they cried out loudly in ecstasy. A neighbor’s backyard dog soon reminded them that they were outside. Unseen, but still outside.

“I think that’s a sign that we need to take this inside now.” Baron chuckled, panting against her neck as he endeavored to catch his breath.

“Me, too. I wouldn’t want your neighbors to call the police on us.” Aurelia laughed, just as breathless as him.

Soon they were making their way towards the master suite for round two.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Oh my goodness Prina my eyes bucked like Baron when she took her legs off his shoulder and tucked it behind her head...rofl...WOW!!!! If she wasn't sure she had him before she mostly definitely has him know.

  2. Subrina: Remember the girl is a trained dancer. She can do things with her limbs that regular people can't.

    I agree about her having Baron whipped now for sure. SHE GOT HIM!

  3. oh my goodness, she has just taken flexible to ANOTHER LEVEL... i think my legs will break if i even THOUGHT of doing that!!!!

  4. Kim: You and me both. LOL!