Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 23.3

“Goodnight, beautiful. I’ll call and check on you when I get home.” Baron leaned in to give her a brief kiss on the forehead before standing to his feet.

“Goodnight, Professor,” Aurelia replied with drowsy eyes and an equally drowsy voice. It was a good thing he’d pulled out her sofa bed after cleaning up behind himself in the kitchen, because she was slee-py.

“No.” Baron shook his head at her farewell. “From now on I want you to call me Baron whenever we’re alone, okay? There’s something about the way you say it that really turns me on.”

“Goodnight, Baron,” Aurelia amended. “And thanks again.” She pointed to the brown envelope on her desk with emphasis.

“That’s better.” He smiled. “And you’re welcome again,” Baron concluded, before heading for the door. Five steps away, he paused, and turned to face her again. “Aurelia?”

“Yes, Baron?” She smiled sweetly at him .

“Can you make your exam day a special occasion and wear another dress?” Baron whispered huskily.

“Yes.” Aurelia smiled, knowing exactly which one to wear, too. “Don’t forget to lock the door behind yourself.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He grinned, loving the easy flow of their new relationship. It was about time their love became less complicated.

* * *

As Baron exited Aurelia’s building and headed to his car, the P.I. in the black jeep down the street proceeded to snap several pictures of him, his vehicle, and his license tag. After doing that, he pulled out a notepad to write down the time of Baron’s departure alongside the time of his arrival.

Underneath that the P.I. wrote: She is definitely seeing someone now…looks like one of her professors from school…not good news for Clients 3 & 4…simply more interesting facts for Clients 1 & 2.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. That's all for tonight, y'all. I'm going to bed early tonight after responding to comments, of course.


  2. i almost forgot about the P.I. im curious to find out who clients 1 2 3 and 4 are. maybe one of them is the dr willy guy. and maybe one is cain keeping tabs. as to 1 and 2... hmm need more info. lol

  3. Bambi: Everybody keep guessing the same two people/clients - Willy and Cain. Maybe. Maybe not. I guess everyone will see soon enough. lol.

  4. oooh weee.... i'm so interested in this PI and who his client's are... i bet 1 of them is dr johansen.... Baron is the sweetest! the gorgeous cupcake - lol

  5. Kim: I'm glad you're enjoying the mystery of the P.I.'s clientele. And yes, Baron is a gorgeous cupcake. LOL

  6. damn u nosey pi

  7. Lilo: Yep, nosey, nosey, P.I. lol