Friday, April 24, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 26.1

Upon entering the master suite through the door that led from the solarium, Aurelia barely got to give her surroundings even the briefest of perusals before Baron took her fast and furious again. This time up against the bedroom wall. The man was relentless and she loved every second of it.

After round two, Baron suggested a soothing bath for them. Not only didn’t he want to wear Aurelia out too soon, he wanted them both to stay in top form for the long night of loving he had planned.

When Baron was done running their bath, he let Aurelia enter first while he doubled back to the bedroom to check on the solarium door. He’d been in such haste before that he wasn’t sure if the door had been properly secured. Upon tending to the lock, he then made a trip downstairs to the kitchen for a bowl of fruit. They had to keep their strength up.

“Enjoying your bath so far, baby?” Baron asked, easing into the large Jacuzzi tub beside her after putting the fruit on a silver tray nearby.

“Yes, I’m enjoying it a lot.” She opened her eyes to smile over at him before closing them again. The soothing waters were hitting all the right spots on her body. It was almost like getting a spa treatment.

“Good. By the way, what you said about my neighbors possibly calling the police on us tonight couldn’t be truer.”

“Really?” Aurelia opened her eyes again to look at him.

“Yes. Mrs. Applegate, my neighbor to the left, would be the first to dial 911.” He chuckled. “Not used to nonwhites living in this area, she called the cops the first night she saw me on the property alone. She thought I was one of the movers and had come back to rob the place while the owner was away.”

Aurelia laughed, too, but she shook her head nevertheless. “It’s amazing that America can join together to elect a black president, but some of us still can’t seem to dwell together in peace.”

“Sad, but true,” Baron agreed. “But to Mrs. Applegate’s credit, she appears to have accepted my presence in the neighborhood now. She even gives me fresh produce from her garden every week.”

“That’s nice.” Aurelia closed her eyes again; oblivious to how gorgeous she looked right now. To how sexy her melons looked bobbing up and down in the water.

“Yes, that is nice,” he agreed, not just talking about his neighbor’s benevolence, either.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Chapter 26 has a lot of shorter posts, because they are being written and edited off the cuff.

    Also I have to confess that the next section of posts touches on a very sensitive subject. I almost didn't want to put it in the book, because I didn't know how y'all would take the subject matter. Plus, there are some folks out there that are totally against what I'm about to write about. Even preach against it.


    And yet I really felt led to keep this issue in the storyline (and even expand it into a major issue). Those who know me know about my 'gut feelings'. They are seldom completely off track and usually are things that will help someone.

    *taking a deep breath*

    So I'm just going to be brave and post what I have. If I offend anyone with my adult subject matter, just know that that was not my intent.

    Be back in awhile...

  2. Warning/disclaimer duly noted.LOL

  3. Waboni: lol. Thanks for reading along.