Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 26.4

Once protection was in place again, Baron and Aurelia couldn’t get enough of each other as she pulled trick after trick from her extensive bag of knowledge. He became her willing student as she introduced him to new ways of making love that he had never known before. They rocked this bed harder than the one in the hotel room.

By the time they finally concluded tonight’s lovemaking out of sheer exhaustion, Baron knew that he was whipped. Aurelia knew that she would love him for the rest of her life.

“I’ve never loved a man as deeply as I do you, Baron,” she said, making that startling confession as she snuggled in his arms on the disheveled bed. Covers were everywhere. Some of the pillows were on the floor. The music on the stereo had long since stopped.

“I feel the same way about you, beautiful,” Baron replied. “In fact, I remember the exact day my lust for you turned into love. It was the day you took up that collection for Bambi. Seeing how benevolent you were or rather still are made my heart want to love you. It has ever since.”

Aurelia smiled up into his eyes. “I fell in love with you the night you gave me a ride home from the jazz concert. I didn’t realize it was actually love until that day in your office when you declared your feelings first. During the home tour tonight my love was confirmed yet again.”

“How so?”

“You were telling me about your family and suddenly I found myself wanting to tell you everything about my family, as well. Share all my secrets with you. I realized then that you had become extremely special to me. So much so that I’m starting to regret having to take this trip home tomorrow. If it wasn’t an emergency, I’d probably be trying to sleep over tonight and on as many nights as I can after that.” She chuckled.

Baron beamed with happiness at her words. Having learned from past mistakes about procrastinating in his love life, he opened his mouth and prepared to ask Aurelia to marry him on the spot. “You can sleep over tonight. Matter of fact, I’d like you to sleep over forev—”

The sound of the doorbell interrupted his spontaneous proposal.

Baron groaned in protest and moved to exit the bed.

“Who can it be at this hour?” Aurelia asked, looking over at the clock on the nightstand. It read 3:27am.

“Probably my brother Marquess. He said he was coming up to hike with me this weekend. I guess he came a day earlier.” Baron retrieved his bathrobe from the back of the bedroom door and put it on. “I’ll let him in and be right back, okay, beautiful?”

“Okay,” Aurelia replied, giving him a sweet dimpled smile as she snuggled against the pillow he abandoned. Yet as soon as the door closed behind Baron, she started to feel awkward as memories of how competitive Marquess behaved from the bachelor’s party suddenly flooded her mind.

Was he like that in everyday life? Or was that an isolated incident in Cabo?

Aurelia was about to find out soon enough.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. That's all for tonight, y'all.

    By the way, is that the sound of crickets I hear? lol. You guys are mighty quiet tonight, although the numbers keep going up. I hope ain't nobody mad with me. If so, I still loves ya. :D

    Night all!

  2. wow all of that was hot. i feel sad that aurelia had to experience something like the assault. stupid dirty old man. maybe he could be the one tracking her.

    and man is marquess about to get super jealous when he finds out who baron is dating. but maybe not since he loves paula

  3. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Hope not Jordin...

  4. Jessie9:49 AM

    Guess the rest of their night is now ruined because of a doorbell. Good job. I really hooked during these past few posts. They are now a couple. Yaaaa.

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    wow that was hot and who is at the door the EX???

  6. Bambi: Dirty old man exactly. As for Marquess, he's a great guy, but right now he's going through something and his bitterness has a tendency to spill over into other people's lives.

    Anon: I will answer that (just to help calm you down since I think you're my sweet 2nd baby sister Mable cussing again. lol) - it's Marquess.

    Jessie: Yes, they are a couple, but for how long? (spoiler)