Monday, April 13, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 4.2

“Is that all you want, Professor?” Aurelia panted out, missing his presence already.

She’d been apart from Cain for months and hadn’t missed him once. Not even for a second. This proved that she’d never really been in love with him in the first place. There hadn’t even been enough lust to keep her holding on to that man.

“All I want? Hardly.” Baron smiled. “This is just a brief intermission so that we can switch things up a bit. You know, go to the top another way,” he said, lying on his back beside her.

“I get it,” Aurelia replied excitedly, promptly moving to rise above him.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want you to do. Get it,” he flirted, playing on words.

“Oh, I will.” Aurelia chuckled. “Without this,” she added, snatching her wig off and flinging it across the room. Rising passion had her scalp sweltering beneath all that extra hair.

One of Baron’s brows rose at her wig-slinging act. He grinned. His eyes twinkled with mirth.

This woman was simply adorable!

Then just like her lap dance, Aurelia begin to work her hips like a pro, making Baron glad to be a man all over again. He followed her lead once more, letting her set the tempo.

The pace soon became frenzied as she bucked above him, prompting him to respond in kind. He did…with unbridled passion and untamed hips.

The headboard of the bed banged noisily against the wall, alerting those in the next room that there was some serious activity going on in here. Sweat spilled from their pores in droves. What a way to get in some meaningful cardio. What a fun way to lose a few pounds.

Even after Baron went over the edge with Aurelia trailing closely behind him, their passion still didn’t abate. The positions kept changing, but the level of passion didn’t. It was like they literally couldn’t get enough of one another.

Baron and Aurelia didn’t want to get enough of each other. Didn’t feel the need to. Not tonight.

* * *

Concerned that Baron was going to kill Aurelia in there, especially when they heard her scream over the loud upbeat tune of Claudette Peters’ Flaunt It, Crystal asked Dingo and one of Baron’s brothers to go check on their missing dancer. All the other girls were accounted for. They were either packing up to leave or else having sex in other suites as well. Raven and Marquess were in a suite of their own, too.

Using the extra key to Baron’s room, Count and Dingo found Aurelia unharmed. It was the professor they needed to be concerned about.

With eyes bucked one minute, rolling in the back of his head the next, the man looked like he was about to lose his mind as Aurelia hovered above him in a sensual squat, rotated her hips upon his royal crown, and then literally slammed down upon him. Each time she repeated those actions, Baron shouted out his pleasure and begged her for more.

His exact words were, “Baby, please don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.”

Count and Dingo looked at each other in wonder and quietly left the room unnoticed, closing the door securely behind them.

“Is your brother the stalker type?” Dingo asked once they were in the hallway.

“No, why?” Count replied, still trying to process what he’d just seen. He was going to suggest that fantastic trick to his new bride tomorrow on their honeymoon.

“Because based on what we just saw, he might not want to let Aurora go in the morning. Shoot, even I might be tempted to stalk a woman with those kinds of tricks up her sleeve,” Dingo said, eager to share what he’d seen with his own woman so that Crystal could add that trick to her repertoire. “Which is why I need to know if there’s going to be trouble at my club later,” Dingo continued, getting back to what he really wanted to talk about.

“There won’t be any trouble,” Count replied, convinced that his brother cared too much about his personal and professional reputation to allow himself to become a stalker.

“All right,” Dingo said, not looking or sounding convinced. “In any case, Crystal and I will be coming to get our girl around 9am just to make sure she leaves without any problems.”

“I’ll let my brother know what time you’ll be back when things quiet down in there.” Even now they could still hear Baron yelling out his pleasure.

Because of those shouts, Count was becoming increasingly less convinced about Baron’s ability to let the island beauty go when this was all over. The fact that his youngest brother had a tendency to hold onto things longer than most people invoked even more concern for him.

Maybe it was a bad idea to bring strippers to my bachelor’s party after all, Count mused, starting to dread the decision he’d made with Earl and Marquess in each ear. If only he had listened to Baron, who had been against hiring exotic dancers from the start.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

Claudette Peters – Flaunt It:


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  2. I am loving it! It feels like I have never read any of this before. I cannot wait to read more.

  3. Ooo, what a chapter - this story is so awesome...more please

  4. Hi suprina....
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  5. Paula: Wow! I didn't know you were going to have that kind of reaction to all the changes. Maybe the story has evolved into something new.

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  8. Jessie: I'm coming. Give me a chance to let a good foundation first, okay? lol.

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