Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 23.2

“So that’s why I’ve been smelling delicious vanilla every time I’m near you these days,” Baron said, after he’d heard how Aurelia’s new perfume was developed, where, and when.

“Wow, your sense of smell is almost superior to Bambi’s. There is vanilla in my fragrance.” She looked at him in amazement.

“I thought so.” Baron chuckled and then spoon fed her another helping of soup from the large blue plastic bowl in his left hand.

Aurelia chewed the noodles in her mouth, swallowed, and then shared even more details about her fragrance. “With product placements in Bambi’s family stores and a few local boutiques, we’ve already made enough to recoup all of our original investment. We hope the upcoming Christmas season will help us to really turn a profit,” she said with a proud smile. “I could sure use that boost in income in light of everything that’s happened recently.”

“I’m sure you’ll do just fine,” Baron said, determined to make sure of that. “Matter of fact, I’d personally like to order some of Aurora’s Whispers for the adult females in my family. Especially my mother. She’s a perfume-aholic.” He chuckled.

Aurelia laughed, too. “I’ll make sure you get all that you need for free. Just email me with the quantity.”

Baron shook his head. “I’d rather pay for my order.”

“No, baby. You have to allow me to give to you sometimes,” she insisted, reaching up to stroke his left cheek.

He closed his eyes at her soft touch. “Okay, and thank you in advance.” Baron smiled, opening his eyes again. “Now open wide.”

“You’re welcome,” Aurelia replied, before parting her lips for another spoonful of soup.

“By the way, what made you pick the name Aurora’s Whispers?” he asked after she’d had a chance to swallow.

“Necessity. When I learned that the name Aurora was already taken by Disney, I had to come up with something else. In order to keep the Aurora part, which I loved for scientific purposes, I simply made it possessive and added the word ‘Whispers’ since the scent becomes extremely soft-spoken after a few minutes. Our current ad slogan plays on the whole whisper theme. It goes like this: Aurora’s Whispers are “Yes” and “More” – words that you and your lover will say after just one whiff.”

Baron moaned. “A provocative slogan like that will help your fragrance fly off the shelves,” he replied a bit on the husky side. “I remember when you first whispered those two words to me.” He fed her more soup.

“I remember that night, too,” Aurelia replied after chewing and swallowing. “I said yes, because you were doing something I liked. I said more, because I wanted you to repeat that special something over and over again.”

Baron moaned again. Then he quickly shook his head to clear away the cloud of passion that threatened to besiege him. “I’m starting to think that your fainting spell might have actually been a blessing in disguise. We really shouldn’t have sex while you’re officially still in my class,” he said. “Plus, I want the next time we make love to be without restriction. I want us to be completely free to enjoy each other…in every pleasurable way.” He licked his lips at just the thought of tasting all of her one day soon.

Aurelia moaned this time. “Maybe it was for the best,” she agreed. “But know this, Dr. Baron Weaver, when we do make love again, I’m going to be well-fed, well-rested, and ready to put our first time to shame,” she said, determined to pull out all the stops in this relationship. Well, as many as she could without drudging up another painful part of her past. Either way, Cain would be the last man to ever cheat on her.

Slamming his eyes shut, Baron took deep breaths to calm down. His mind continued to swirl with Aurelia’s words and the implications thereof. If what he got that night in the hotel was just the tip of the iceberg, then he was really going to lose his mind the next time they made love.

“Okay, no more sex talk for the remainder of my visit,” Baron announced, upon opening his eyes again. “I can only handle so much temptation in one night.” He spooned up another helping of soup. “Now open wide again. The sooner I make sure you’ve eaten everything in this bowl, the sooner I can leave for both our sakes.”

Aurelia chuckled and then opened her mouth wide for another spoonful of noodles and flavored broth.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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