Monday, April 20, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 17.1


Aurelia fought not to moan as Baron walked to the chalkboard to illustrate one of his lesson points on bloodstain pattern analysis. His long-legged walk was so confident and sure like a cowboy’s. Just sexy.

With every sexy stride, Baron’s hips whispered promises of pleasure. Promises that he would never keep to Aurelia. Pleasure that she would never receive again.


Why couldn’t she just let it go? Why must she constantly torment herself by continuing to long for a man that had moved on with his life?

Baron hadn’t looked at Aurelia with desire once since that night in his car. He’d been all business when she came to his office the next day and returned the credit card he loaned her. He’d been the epitome of professionalism ever since.

“Miss Bunting, can you come up here and draw three patterns representing dripped blood, spilled blood, and projected blood from the same distance to target?” Baron asked, interrupting Aurelia’s lustful musings.

She cleared her throat before answering, lest her husky tone give her away. “Yes, Professor,” she said in her normal tone, getting up from her desk to walk to the board.

As Aurelia proceeded to draw and label each pattern Baron requested, she noticed that he only moved to the side, failing to return to his desk as usual. Now she really found it hard to concentrate.

And his spicy masculine scent. It was driving Aurelia to distraction. She wondered if Bambi could duplicate that fragrance in her lab. If so, Aurelia would keep a gallon-sized bottle of it beside her bed, reach for it in the middle of the night, inhale deeply, and pretend like Baron was there.

“You’re doing good, Miss Bunting. But that last pattern needs a little bit of work. Here, let me help you,” Baron said, moving closer to assist her with his own chalk in hand.

As he stood behind her and modified the last blood pattern to show the distinctive spikes that projected blood left on a target, Aurelia suddenly had a déjà vu moment. Baron had been behind her like this in that hotel room. Except she’d been wedged in between him and the wall while he’d pleasured her to the point of almost losing her mind.

Rational thoughts were leaving Aurelia’s mind in droves now because of those hot memories. She licked her lips just thinking about the delicious time they had that night.

Baron stifled a moan at the sight of Aurelia’s tongue sliding over those beautiful full lips of hers. He promptly stepped away from her. Far, far away, all the way back over to his desk.

And yet that was still not far enough to remove her delectable vanilla scent from his nostrils. That was the same scent she’d left on his Armani suit the night of the jazz concert. A suit that he refused to have dry cleaned for that very sentimental reason.

“Well, that is all for today. After copying the patterns Miss Bunting drew on the board, you may be dismissed,” Baron said, quickly bringing today’s session to an end for his own sake. Who cares that there were at least ten more minutes of class left.

“See you tomorrow, Professor,” student after student said to him as they exited the classroom a few short minutes later.

“See you tomorrow,” Baron said in reply. Though a pleasant smile was on his face, a frown was in his heart.

How could his smile go any deeper when he was tormented every day and night with thoughts of Aurelia? When every time he saw her he had to fight to keep things professional between them.

Getting over Megan had been easier than this. Much easier. Matter of fact, Baron hadn’t thought about her in months.

As for Jordin, she was basically old news to him. Had been ever since that night Baron drove Aurelia home and got another succulent taste of her. Though Jordin still called him at least four times a week, he had yet to go out with her again. Didn’t want to.

Quite frankly, Baron wasn’t really trying to get over Aurelia. He was in waiting mode. He was waiting for this semester to end. Waiting for Aurelia to show any sign that she was available again. Once those two things happened, he was going for the gold.

You’re going to be mine again. All mine, Baron thought determinedly as he watched Aurelia walk to the back of the room where Bambi was.

When he saw Claude fast on Aurelia’s heels, he frowned. That was Baron’s cue to leave, lest his jealousy show. Lest he got himself fired by displaying inappropriate behavior towards his students.

Quickly retrieving his assignment folder from his desk, Baron rose from his seat and made his way to his office.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Jessie3:19 PM

    Don't leave, Baron. This might be the one thing that you need to see. You need to know what her feelings are for Claude.

  2. Jessie: The story MUST be getting good now for real. Y'all starting to talk to the actual characters as if they were real. LOL!

    P.S. I do that with books and TV programs all the time when they get that good to me. Tee-hee.

  3. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Ha, Ha!! she want Bambi to duplicate that fragrance... I have pretended by smellig clothes in my closet.. Nothing like traces of a man scent...Good smelling scent that is...

  4. Anon: I know that's right! ;D