Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 19.1

Thankfully Baron had thought to lock his office door after closing it, because when Aurelia’s lips touched his, a dam of passion broke within him and he forgot all about the school’s rule. He temporarily forgot that he was even at school as he dove into that kiss with fervor. At the same time, he eased the top half of his body between her legs in order to close any remaining distance between them. Now they could really have a kiss fest.

Baron soon discovered that Aurelia meant what she said about needing this kiss. She literally latched onto his tongue and wouldn’t let go. He didn’t want her to. He willingly gave her the full length to suckle at will, putting her in command of his taste buds.

After Aurelia got a good taste of him, she made the kiss mobile by licking a trail from his mouth, past his chin, and down to his neck.

Baron moaned as she slid her tongue along his Adam’s apple before stopping at his collarbone. There she inhaled deeply. So deeply…and then moaned, causing him to moan again, too, at that provocative sound. His body grew achingly rigid with need.

“Take your shirt off, baby. I want to lick your chest,” Aurelia whispered against his neck where she proceeded to plant the lightest of kisses.

Those words were all the wake-up call Baron needed. “No, baby,” he said, promptly withdrawing from her.

“No?” She panted out. Rejection singed her eyes, her very soul.

“No, as in not here, not yet,” Baron clarified as he rose to his feet. “You and I both know that even if one piece of clothing comes off you or me, we’re going to make love again. Right here and right now. And if our would-be union today is anything like it was in that Cabo hotel room, there’s going to be trouble for the both of us.”

Aurelia chuckled. Joy was in her eyes now, understanding in her soul. “We were pretty loud that night, huh?”

“Very. People thought I was killing you in that room.” He chuckled. “Now up on your feet, beautiful. I need to hold you something awful.” He pulled her up from her seat.

Aurelia willingly entered his embrace, convinced that she would get more than a hug. Oh, how she wanted another one of his toe-curling kisses even if she couldn’t have anything else right now.

Instead of getting a kiss like she thought, all Aurelia got was a warm comforting hug. How deliciously unpredictable was that? What a show of restraint!

Aurelia was even more impressed by Baron now.

“I’m sorry about your little brother,” he said compassionately, continuing to hold her tenderly against him.

“Thanks for saying that. It means a lot.” Aurelia snuggled against him. She didn’t feel so alone, so stressed and depressed, or so hopeless now. For the moment, she forgot all about the fact that she had no more money left over for next semester’s tuition after giving everything she had to her family.

“Do you need to take your finals early in order to go see the little tyke?” Baron asked, soothingly stroking her back in an up and down motion.

“What’s the point?” Aurelia said, stiffening in his embrace as a few harsh realities slapped her on both sides of her face. “I have no money for plane fare.” She withdrew from him and returned to her seat. “And all the money I had saved for next semester’s tuition had to be sent home for my brother’s medical expenses, which includes the surgery and his monthly supply of pills for his Type 2 diabetes. So, no, I don’t need to take my finals early. I need to stay in California now more than ever to work and try to recoup my losses before next term.”

Baron frowned. “Aurelia, you only have four weeks before the new semester begins. How are you going to come up with that kind of money in so little time?” Like her, he knew how high Alcove University’s tuition was. That was one of the reasons the institution could afford to pay professors like him so well.

“I’ll find a way. I always do,” Aurelia replied, looking down at her hands. She was suddenly too ashamed to look at him right now.

Baron’s frown deepened. “You’re going back to dancing, aren’t you?” he asked in a painful half-whisper.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. I bet y'all already know how Ch. 19.2 is gonna go. How it HAS to go considering what kind of man Baron is.

    Try to guess anyway while I proceed to write the post. lol.

  2. Jessie6:56 PM

    He will give her the money to go to see her brother and what she needs for tuition so she can graduate on-time. I am CLOSE or what?


    That man is not letting anybody see your body EVER again. Baron will be Baron! Mr. Kind Hearted!

    He will pay Aurelia's tuition and what ever else she needs to get by for her and the family.

    That is a REAL MAN!

  4. Jessie: You and Paula are on it.

    Paula: You're doing that THING again. I honestly don't what to do about you and Subrina. lol. And yes, that is the sign of a real man.

  5. yip, i gotta agree with the other ladies.... I loved how he how asked in a pain staking whisper if she's going back to dancing.... Its obvious that he'll help her out financially....

  6. That was a touchin and sweet chapter.. :)- Mary

  7. Kim: Yes, that pain-staking whisper did stand out to me, too.

    Mary: I thought so, too. Very touching.