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The Professor - Ch. 29.1

Around 7:30am the next morning, Baron made his way from a luxury resort in Christiansted on the east side of the island and headed towards Aurelia’s house, which was located on the west side in Frederiksted. Had he stayed at the Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort, which was located on the farthest east coast of the island, his journey would have been even longer.

Baron chose The Buccaneer not only because the resort was closer to Aurelia, but also because it was an excellent place to spend a luxurious honeymoon. In fact, the resort was just as highly recommended as its easternmost island rival.

Baron’s vehicle of choice for this excursion was a red jeep Wrangler from a local car rental agency. The jeep handled well as he navigated his way through the winding, sometimes hilly, and often very narrow roads of St. Croix. The whole time Baron had to keep telling himself to stay on the correct side of the road since the people of the Virgin Islands drove on the left side, not the right.

Baron also had to remember to look for key landmarks per the written instructions he received from a hotel clerk since the roads were often unmarked. When that same clerk found out he was going to the west side of the island, he issued a few verbal warnings about the people there.

“People from the central and west areas are more likely to start trouble. Unlike those from the east side, who are more subdued with their tempers and know how to stay away from trouble,” the Caucasian clerk had said. “And you know Frederiksted is the spot where that unsavory slave revolt took place.”

Baron knew all about that successful slave revolt led by General Buddhoe, a fellow slave. He actually agreed with Buddhoe for doing what was necessary to gain his freedom and the freedoms of others in the town that was aptly called ‘Freedom City’ by locals.

These days, Baron was determined to do what was necessary to liberate another Frederiksted resident – Aurelia, who had the calm temperate of an east-sider, but was vicious like a pit-bull when stirred up. Except the oppressive master he was trying to liberate her from was poverty.

One way in which Baron sought to accomplish his noble goal was by helping to spread the word about Aurelia’s new perfume. After shipping Aurora’s Whispers to his female relatives via next-day mail and discovering how much they loved it, he suggested that they call their favorite boutiques and make formal requests for it. In this way, the fragrance would be easily accessible to them all the time and the creator of the scent would experience a little bit more financial freedom in her life.

That one suggestion was all it took to get the ball rolling for Aurelia’s perfume. Baron’s mother, in particular, called every boutique she knew. His sisters-in-law quickly followed suit and even got some of their friends involved.

I wish I’d been there to see Aurelia’s face when she got the news about her spike in sales, Baron mused, finally starting to get the hang of left-sided driving as he got even closer to his destination. He still hadn’t gotten used to all the potholes yet.

Ten minutes later and after more beautiful scenic views of the island, Baron was finally at the road that led to Aurelia’s home. The top of the road was steep and semi-paved with gravel. The road changed from gravel to dirt the further down it went, eventually leading to a cul-de-sac where a circle of picket-fenced houses were aligned.

The Bunting home was the one on the far left end. At least that’s what the neatly painted address on the white fence of the small sky-blue home indicated.

Baron smiled. So this is where my future wife grew up, he thought confidently, parking the jeep directly in front of the Bunting house.

He couldn’t wait to see Aurelia again. Couldn’t wait to propose to her, to beg her to accept that proposal if necessary. One way or the other, Baron wasn’t leaving this island without his chosen bride.

And suddenly he did see Aurelia. Or rather a brief glimpse of her as she rounded the side portion of the backyard with a push lawnmower in hand.

Baron moaned with need. His heart swelled with even more love for her.

Aurelia looked so good to him despite that colorful head scarf (which was slightly askew), baggy green sweat suit, and worn black sneakers she wore. He could overlook those things because he knew what treasures lay beyond them.

Boy, do I know, Baron thought, licking his lips as he prepared to make his presence known.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

The hotel where Baron stayed:


  1. Paula: I switched things up a bit from that little peek you got at this chapter from our research collaboration. I wanted you to have a fresh post just like everyone else.

  2. Even though you tweaked it, I still feel like I am reading it for the first time. I am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting impatiently for the conclusion to this scene.

    I REALLY loved all the history you put into this post. I am VERY proud to come from the VI with such great history.

    You actually sound like a VI native. Even though DIVI has the casino it still can never replace the BUCCANEER to a native of the island.

    Much Respect due to you MY VI SISTA!

  3. Paula: You should be proud of your homeland. It's wonderful!

    As for all that history I inserted, by now you know that your girl is a research-aholic. I personally think it enriches the story. Don't know how other authors feel about it. But as an avid reader, I always appreciate any extra effort my favorite authors put into filling out the storyline with things that will stick to my soul beyond the 'THE END'.

    Okay, back to writing now. I should have more posted by 11pm.

  4. hey S.... don't people in your country drive on he left hand side of the road? your post says baron had to get use to driving on the left side - did u perhaps mean the right side of the rd?

  5. Kim: No, I had it the correct way. Even though the USVI are part of American territory, they drive on the LEFT side of the road like in the UK. Don't really know why, but I'm thinking it has something to do with all the European countries that owned those islands before. I think they simply kept that custom even after coming under the US umbrella.

    In the States we drive on the RIGHT side of the road.

  6. yip u right, my mistake, i was thinking of us who drive on left side of the road but we use the right side of the car....