Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 31.1

Aurelia waited until the following Wednesday to tell Baron that he’d passed the brotherhood test. She procrastinated because she wanted to be extra sure that Trent really did like her future husband. After five days of watching them grow even closer, she realized that she had nothing to worry about. The two males were well on their way to being the best of friends.

As expected, Baron was overjoyed to hear that he’d passed the brotherhood test. That joyous smile literally wouldn’t leave his face. He smiled all during the dinner that Emile prepared for them from the groceries he brought to the house today. He was still smiling now as he helped Aurelia with the dinner dishes tonight.

They were hand washing the dishes since Aurelia’s family didn’t own a dishwasher. Matter of fact, the Bunting kitchen only contained the most necessary appliances like a refrigerator, an electric stove, and a washing machine. All were outdated models. Clean, but ancient nevertheless.

Baron made a mental note to buy up-to-date appliances for Aurelia’s family. He also made a note to go back to the grocer and purchase more fresh produce, whole grain breads, and other nutritious items for the Buntings. Anything to keep them from consuming so many processed foods. The latter is what he decided to discuss right now.

“How often does Trent eat hot dogs?” Baron asked as he rinsed the sudsy plates she handed him from the left, then stacked them in the brown dish rack to his right.

“Almost everyday, why?” Aurelia asked.

Baron frowned. “I thought so,” he said, unable to recall a day when he hadn’t seen Trent with a hot dog in his hand. “You do know that hot dogs should be eaten in moderation, right? Especially if you are a growing kid. It’s also not the best way to properly manage his diabetes.”

“Of course I know dat, Professor,” Aurelia snapped, sending angry eyes his way. “But when you poor, can’t seem ta grow enough healthy food ta sustain yourself, and all yur local stores have ta charge higher prices ‘cause dey import most of dere goods, you buy what you can. Since hot dogs and Ramen noodles are two of de cheapest tings on de market, dey go in de shopping cart first.” She snatched her hands from the dishwater, not even bothering to dry them on her apron before she reached into the cupboard on the left and pulled out a large pickle jar that was filled with various condiments from restaurants.

“I…” Baron began only to be interrupted.

“When you poor, you also save ketchup, mustard, and even packets of salt and pepa from restaurants dat you happened ta visit,” an angry Aurelia continued with glossy eyes. “Not ta buy dere food. No, you too poor for dat. But ta buy ah cup of water so dat you won’t feel like you stealing when you load up on all de condiments yur purse can hold.” She pushed the jar back inside and slammed the cupboard door closed.

“And don’t forget ‘bout de napkins,” she continued, snatching a drawer open to reveal stacks of restaurant napkins. “As ah poor person, you neva know when you might have ta choose between bathroom tissue and food 'cause de food stamps done run out, yur neighbors are too jealous-hearted ta help, and yur relatives can barely help demsleves.” She slammed the drawer shut again. “Sometimes ah good newspaper will simply have ta do. I even taught Trent how ta crumble it up just right so not ta scratch himself. But I’m sure you know no-ting ‘bout dat, huh, Professor? I’m sure yur mother neva fed you hot dogs five times ah week or made you wipe yur bum wid newspaper,” Aurelia concluded, sobbing by this time.

Baron snatched her to him. “I’m so sorry,” he lamented, squeezing her closer with wet hands.

“I don’t want yur pity, you trust fund baby!” Aurelia jerked away from him.

“You don’t have it. What you do have is my apology for coming across as a condescending rich kid a few minutes ago,” Baron replied. “And you’re right. I don’t know what poverty is like. I was raised in Bel Air, went to private schools, and the best colleges. Even when I go camping, I have everything I need. So I’m never really roughing it in the great wild even though I was taught how to as a boy scout.”

He moved closer to Aurelia, causing her to back up against the fridge. “As of today, you and your family will have everything you need, too. I will personally see to it. I may have been raised rich, but I was not raised stingy. Both of my parents are big givers and so am I, especially to those I love. Surely you know that about me by now.”

“Yes, you are a very generous man,” Aurelia admitted softly as her ire plummeted to the floor. “I’m sorry for overreacting just then, for taking my frustrations about poverty out on you, and for calling you a trust fund baby. You deserve better treatment than that,” she continued, issuing a necessary and heartfelt apology of her own.

“You’re forgiven,” Baron replied with an equally forgiving smile. “And I am a trust fund baby.” He chuckled. “All of our kids will be also,” he promised, cupping her tear-stained face in his hands. “I love you, beautiful.”

Aurelia smiled through her tears. “I love you, too.”

With a moan, Baron dipped down to her mouth for a kiss. A hot kiss at that, because as soon as their lips touched things started to sizzle between them. His arms went about her body even as her arms when about his neck.

Soon their hips got in on the deal. Had there been a piece of peppercorn between them now it would have been grinded to bits.

* * *

“Everyting right in dere?” Trent asked from his place on the living room floor where he’d been putting a 100-piece puzzle together. Worry shrouded his features. He didn’t know whether to be worried about the angry voices he’d heard in the next room or the sudden silence in there now.

Emile smiled reassuringly. “Oh yes. Ree-Ree and Baron just had to iron out ah little wrinkle in dere relationship. Everyting good now…for everybody,” she said, having heard Baron’s promises to Aurelia from her place in the wicker chair near the kitchen door.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Y'all might want to re-read this post. After Paula extended more VI sage my way, I had to go in and tweak it to represent how things really would be in Aurelia's household on a low income level.

    Thanks again, Paula!

  2. i think everything was well put... i'm no expert but i think the lingo was great.... at least that gorgeous trust fund baby knows some of the hardships aurelia and her family had to endure... the newspaper thing sucks... i've heard of many who had to do the same...very sad when people dont even have to basics!

  3. Kim: Yes, very sad indeed when things get that bad in a person's life.