Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 31.2

Back in the kitchen, Aurelia abruptly broke the heated kiss. “We got to stop before things go too far,” she panted out in a whisper as she moved back towards the double sink.

“Things need to go too far, if you ask me. We haven’t been together-together in almost two weeks,” Baron whispered back, equally breathless. “Come back to the hotel with me tonight,” he suggested as he followed her to the sink, stood behind her, and pressed his body closer in all the right places.

Aurelia moaned at that provocative contact. “As much as I want to, I can’t,” she said, wisely moving to the side before turning around to face him. “Not only did I promise to let my mother teach me how to cook Trent’s newest favorite breakfast in the morning, I kinda want to wait until we’re married before engaging in anymore sexual activity. You know, allow our passion to build up just a little bit more so that our honeymoon will be explosive.”

Baron groaned out his disappointment. He sighed. “All right, even though our honeymoon is going to be explosive either way,” he said, putting more distance between them for both their sakes. “It’s a good thing I completed all the necessary paperwork before I left California. Now all we have to do is appear before the proper authorities to have the completed paperwork notarized, posted for public inspection, and filed. I’ve already greased enough palms and paid enough fees to reduce the waiting period, which means we can get married before the week is out if we want to.”

Aurelia smirked. “You were that confident I’d marry you, huh?” She returned to her dishwashing.

“That hopeful.” Baron grinned, also returning to his previous task at her side. “I even went to Mass and applied prayer to the situation.”

Her eyes widened. “I can’t believe you brought God in on the deal,” Aurelia said, truly amazed by this new development. No other man had ever mentioned God or anything remotely religious to her before.

Correction, they’d called out God’s name in the throes of passion, but Aurelia really didn’t think they wanted Him to show up…especially not at those times.

“Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.” Baron chuckled. “Plus, I got tired of my mother interrogating me about when was the last time I’d been to church.”

“So you figured why not kill two birds with one stone, huh?” She handed him another plate.

“Yes, although I prefer the phrase, ‘solve two problems with one deed’ since it sounds considerably less harmful to our little animal friends,” Baron said, revealing how much of a nature lover he truly was as he rinsed the plate he’d been given.

Suddenly overwhelmed with even more love for this brilliant, strong, and yet sensitive man, Aurelia flung her arms about his neck and attacked his mouth this time. Once again, no thought was taken to drying her hands first.

Baron welcomed that kiss, sizzled with desire therein as he responded with equal fervor. The plate in his right hand was clumsily put in the dish rack as the kiss deepened even more. His wet hands wrapped around her body again, causing her shirt to get just as saturated as his.

”Marry me tomorrow,” Baron moaned against her lips when they finally came up for air two minutes later.

“Friday,” Aurelia decided, although the gumdrops straining against her wet t-shirt screamed for his attention now. “That’ll give me a couple more days to spend with my family before I’m whisked away into marital bliss.”

“Friday it is then,” Baron agreed reluctantly. Then he dipped down for one more kiss before they had to get back to the business of kitchen cleanup.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Jessie7:15 PM

    Friday can get here soon enough for those two.

  2. Jessie: You right about that. :D

    To all: I'm going to bed early tonight. Chapter 32 is taking longer than I expected to write and is expanding beyond what I thought it would be. I'll pick the story back up tomorrow afternoon.

    Night all.