Friday, April 24, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 24.2

Aurelia called Baron around 9pm that night. It was right after she checked her student grades online and learned that she’d gotten a high score on the final, giving her an ‘A’ in his class.

An A!

That final grade also meant that Aurelia was technically and officially out of Baron’s class. That they were finally free to be together…in every way.

Baron answered on the second ring. “Hola, baby,” he said, speaking a bit of Spanish to her.

“Hola,” Aurelia replied, understanding that term though she was more fluent in French. “I just called to see if you felt like having some company tonight. My flight doesn’t leave until 9am tomorrow and with all of my tests behind me and my bags packed, I found myself with some extra time on my hands.”

“I would love some company tonight,” Baron replied, unable to keep the huskiness or the excitement out of his voice. “Do you need me to pick you up? Or can you find my place on your own?” Inwardly, he was so glad that he’d given his place a good cleaning yesterday. He’d been slipping in that department lately in direct response to his unpleasant moods.

“I may not have GPS in my car, but I’m pretty sure I can find your place on my own.” Aurelia chuckled. “Expect me in the next hour, okay?”

“Okay, beautiful,” Baron replied.

“And, Baron?”

“Yes, Aurelia?”

“Your medical tests are still up to date, right?” Aurelia asked, posing the question that she should have asked the first time they had sex. Or even Tuesday night for that matter.

“Yes, and they all say that I’m still just as healthy as I was the first time we were together,” Baron replied, confirming what she suspected all along.

“Good. I am still healthy as well. Plus my birth control is sufficient, so you don’t have to worry about that either,” Aurelia said, letting him know what he already suspected and a little bit more. “By the way, I’m glad that you didn’t sleep with anyone else. That you kept saving it all for me. I’ll make the wait so worth it, baby. I promise you that.”

Baron moaned, amazed by how excited she could make him with just words.

“Now don’t forget to do a few stretches before I arrive. You’re about to get quite a workout tonight,” she concluded in a sensual whisper.

He moaned again. “You just make sure you’ve eaten today and taken your vitamins. I don’t want you fainting on me again.”

Aurelia chuckled. “All of that is covered, too.”

Baron also laughed. Hanging up a few seconds later, he shouted, “Finally!” in his lonely bedroom. Then he proceeded to prepare the master suite and a few other areas of the house for his pivotal night with the woman he loved.

Maybe I’m going to get that special birthday present after all, Baron thought. He could hardly wait.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Okay, I'm going to bed for real now. lol. The story wouldn't let me be when I laid down before. I had to come back and post more. Now I feel a release inside to go beddie-bye for real.

    Night all!

  2. hehehehehe.... happy birthday baron.... what a yummy prezzie he's getting tonight!!!!
    i love that she asked him about his clean health...

  3. Jessie8:58 AM

    He might get a really good birthday present. HeHe. I best kind when you have been seperated from a boyfriend/husband/other for a long period of time.

  4. Have a good rest because this story is HEATING UP and I know that I feel like the story is happening before my eyes when I read it so I can imagine how you feel just wriiting it.

  5. Kim: Yummy prezzie? LOL! Good one!

    Jessie: True, true.

    Carmel B: These days, I'm tryna make my books more cinematic, scenic, and musical so that they can one day be made into movies, TV shows, plays, etc...hopefully. lol. So yes, I try to write like we're all watching a movie on the screen.

    PS. For any fellow authors in the house, I'm also practicing more deep 3rd POV, where you can almost taste what the characters are eating for breakfast because you're so far into their heads. lol. It's a new technique for me, but I'm trying hard with this story.