Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 33.1

On Thursday night, Aurelia played with Trent for a while, read him a bedtime story, and then put him to bed. When she turned out the light and walked out of his blue painted room, it suddenly dawned on her that this was actually her last night living and sleeping at her family home. As a married woman, she would be expected to live and sleep where her husband was.

Although Aurelia wanted to be where Baron was, a part of her was going to miss staying with her family. She was particularly going to miss putting Trent to bed at night. She had hoped to do more of that after she graduated and returned home to work in the Virgin Islands.

Now Baron was going to want her to stay in California with him after graduation. That’s where his very expensive home and high-paying job were. That’s where a very lucrative future career was waiting for Aurelia. All she had to do was accept it.

See, right before Aurelia left for the V.I., Liam outright stated that if she kept doing well at the crime lab, she could turn her part-time gig there into a full-time career after graduation. A very profitable career given all the experience she had acquired in the short time she’d been there. Which meant she’d have even less reasons to return home on a permanent basis. Which also meant that she’d miss out on even more of Trent’s childhood.

Grieved deep in her heart about even the thought of Trent growing up without her present, Aurelia forfeited going to the living room where a sofa bed awaited her. Instead she made her way to her mother’s room. She needed another one of their heart-to-heart talks and some timely advice.

“Mama, do you think I should tell Baron the truth about Trent before we get married?” Aurelia asked after closing the door to Emile’s room.

That truth: Aurelia’s brother was actually her son!

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Oh boy, finally! I was beginning to not be able to take it anymore. All the subtle clues were killing me. Baron is sooo in love he is blind.
    Tell him girl, besides I think he will be very open to moving Trent to Cali with you.

    Great work Suprina!!!


  2. Yeah, yeah, I know. Post of you already knew the truth about Aurelia and Trent. Now you know for sure. :P

    I'll give you the full background about that on Thursday afternoon. I'm too tired after my night out with Joy to write anymore. We had so much funnnnn! lol.

    Anyway, I didn't want to go to bed until I at least uncovered that particular mystery for y'all.

    Night all.

  3. yip that was coming - she has to tell baron... not good to start your marriage off with lies... i'm so interested in knowing who his dad is and why they pretended that trent is her brother? let the mystery UNFOLD...

  4. wow so i had guess right that Trent was her son. when she had to see if Trent approved of Baron....great story!!

  5. Jessie9:11 AM

    The story would not of left you alone if you hadn't told that secret to us. This is the reason that she is always doing stuff for Trent such as reading to him and putting him to bed.

  6. E: I think she should tell him, too.

    Kim: The mystery will unfold soon enough. It ain't pretty.

    Shon79: Yep! You guessed right all along. That's exactly why she needed for Trent and Baron to get along.

    Jessie: So right. I wouldn't have been able to sleep without telling y'all that biggie. Aurelia's been playing mama for awhile with Trent in deed, but not in word.

    To all: Now you see why Trent calling her 'mami' almost brought Aurelia to tears? Because she IS the Mommie!

    *exhaling with relief*

    Finally, I could tell y'all the truth. Whew! lol.

    Okay, going to write now and reveal even more of the mystery behind Trent.

  7. i look forward to the mystery... we have another public holiday coming up tomorrow, so i'll be without internet for the WHOLE WEEKEND:( i'm going to be missing out.... very very upset by that!
    but i gotta love all the holidays!!!

    when do u plan to take the story to the VOD blog? i need to tune my hubby to pay for

  8. Kim: Story goes the VOD blog when Megan (Baron's ex) comes back to California.

  9. Do Trent knows that Aurelia is his mother? If no, then how will he handle knowing that he's been lied to all these years and plus Aurelia jealous neighbor Jewel must not know anything about this secret. I feel sorry for Trent and Aurelia fell down a couple of notches not being a mother even though she wanted a education she still didn't have to lie about Trent being her son. I know the father probably have a lot about why she kept it a secret but she could have brought him to the USA with her. Immigrants can get help faster than US citizens can and that's a fact because I'm in the process of trying myself. Who do Trent favors his mother or father because I know Jewell suspect something and I believe she's probably apart of it...Okay Prina enough questions for you can tell I have tooooo much time on my hands...rofl.


  10. Subrina: Maybe the next post will answer most of your questions. Maybe. lol.

    Enjoy your time off, girl.

  11. Carmel B: Yep! I couldn't hold it in any longer. lol