Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 21.2

Baron met Jordin at The Crowne, an upscale restaurant with high prices, high ratings, and high sanitation. It was the perfect place for a health conscious person like him to dine. It was also the perfect place for him to break things off with Jordin.

Baron opted for a public setting over a private one in order to keep any potential emotional outbursts at a minimum. Meeting at a restaurant also reduced Jordin’s ability to make a convincing false claim later about tonight consisting of a romantic rendezvous at either of their places.

If only Aurelia could have been nearby to witness Baron’s handling of the Jordin issue like he’d been able to witness her dealings with Claude earlier. Speaking of Claude, he was also here tonight. He was their assigned waiter. A very diligent waiter at that, which would warrant him a big tip from Baron tonight.

“I appreciate you being so honest with me tonight,” Jordin said after hearing Baron out over dessert. “And you’re right; chemistry is an important element to have between two people. I had hoped you would develop some for me by this time.” She chuckled and added, “Or at least allowed the amount of chemistry that I had for you to cover the both of us.”

Baron laughed, too, grateful that she was taking things so well. “I’m sure you’ll run across a man with enough chemistry to match your own.”

“Yes, but will he be as handsome and as financially stable as you, Professor?” Jordin flirted, licking cream off the edge of her fork for extra effect. “So far I’ve come across handsome men with no money and financially stable guys with no looks.”

“I’m sure there are more men like me around. I have a brother that’s recently divorced, but he’s too much of a player for a nice woman like you,” Baron replied, omitting some of Marquess’ other flaws. He also ignored Jordin’s flirtation, inwardly wishing that Aurelia was the one doing that trick with her fork. Better yet, doing that to him.

Jordin scrunched up her perky nose. “No players allowed on board this train.”

Baron laughed. “Well said, lady. I don’t blame you. I also prefer monogamous relationships.”

Jordin frowned. “Are you sure about that, Professor? As I recall, there was a very attractive female student that caught your eye a couple of times while we were dating. I hope she’s not the one you’re replacing me with,” she said, revealing her disbelief that lack of chemistry was the only reason he was breaking ties with her. “You could lose your job behind a taboo relationship like that. Imagine the kind of negative publicity such a thing could create for Alcove University,” she added with a bit of wicked glee in her eyes.

Baron fought not to outright scowl at her. Did Jordin just issue a veiled threat to him? If so, now he and Aurelia really had to be careful with their relationship. Baron also had to be careful with his next comments. Careful about a lot of things if Jordin proved to be vindictive simply because she couldn’t have what she wanted – him.

“I’m not replacing you with anyone, Jordin,” Baron said evenly, not considering Aurelia anybody’s replacement. She was already in his life before he ever met Jordin. If anyone was a replacement, it was the TV reporter. A poor replacement at that.

“My decision to call it quits with you was largely based on our lack of chemistry,” he continued. “I also didn’t want either of us to waste any more time on a relationship that wasn’t meant to go anywhere behind that initial interview.” Then throwing a hand up in Claude’s direction, Baron said, “Check please!”

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Didn't get to go to BS like I had hoped tonight. To work off my frustration and disappointment, I'm writing, editing, and posting.

    I hope you guys enjoy the posts. I tend to write extra potent during high emotion. Especially fight and love scenes. lol.

    Be back later with more...

  2. i liked the way baron handled the situation. very classy and firm. as for jordin can't really hate the girl from trying considering that what a catch baron is but her attempt at the threat to expose whatever maybe going on between baron and aurelia is very distasteful.

  3. Bambi: Yes, Baron is the man. He handled things just right IMO. Jordin just needs to move on. If she exposes Baron, does she really think he's going to want her after that?

  4. I must admit i didnt think Jordin would handle the break up with such class.... her vindictive nature on the other hand can't say i'm surprised by....

  5. Kim: Jordin might have gone there if Baron hadn't nipped some things in the bud. Even so, I don't think we've heard the last from her.