Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 16.2

“Whoa!” Aurelia said, clenching the dashboard with both hands. Her eyes were wide with the fear of crashing into one of the trees or light posts aligning the street. Thankfully there were no other cars on this lonely road.

“I got it, baby,” Baron reassured with confidence, smoothly handling the vehicle with expert hands. Soon they were safely back in their own lane. Yet instead of staying in that lane, he pulled over to the side of the road and parked.

To catch his breath?


To calm his nerves? Her nerves?

Double no.

Baron parked the car to undo his seatbelt, discard his wad of gum, and capture Aurelia’s lips with his. Although he knew that he should respect their relationships with other people and also school policy, and had originally intended to do so, his good intentions flew out the window when she started moving those sexy island hips of hers. When she started touching herself.

Although Aurelia should have been repelled by Baron kissing her so soon after kissing Jordin, she was not. Her own needs, her own desires temporarily blinded her to the ramifications of her actions. Aurelia would probably hate herself in the morning for acting just like slanderous Roxy, but right now…right now…she was consumed by her passion for Baron.

Willingly parting her lips for his probing tongue, Aurelia allowed Baron to taste freely of her. She freely tasted of him, showing him what it really meant to be kissed by a woman.

They kissed long and deep. Loudly, too. Ravenous slurping and sucking sounds filled the air. Moans and groans, too.

Aurelia undid her seatbelt, giving herself more mobility. She used that newfound freedom to ease her hands into his jacket…

Underneath his shirt.

Up his muscular torso.

It was still so hard and rippled. Another moan bubbled up from Aurelia’s throat at the thrill of touching Baron again. It had been so long since she’d touched him like this. Too long.

Eager to touch more of her, too, Baron sent a hand on an unhurried journey starting at her lower left calf…

Up her thigh.

Underneath that dress.

Right to her field of dreams, where he promptly found her secret windlass and used it to gently pump water from her hidden well.

“Yes,” Aurelia purred against his lips, loving a man with a slow hand and an easy touch. A man like that usually made sure a woman enjoyed herself to the max during intimacy. Her body couldn’t help but respond to him.

Baron actually whimpered when her hips immediately began to move with the rhythm of his hand. No other woman could break him down so low. So fast. His body was granite and on fire at the same time.

Baron abandoned Aurelia’s lips for the moment, used his free hand to lower the straps of her dress and bra, licked her sweet gumdrops and then stuffed his mouth full of supple chocolate. His other hand removed her lacy thong and pocketed it before returning to its former task.

Aurelia couldn’t stop Baron even if she wanted to, which she didn’t. She was too far gone from the things he’d done to her thus far. She wanted more. Needed more. In fact, her clenching core demanded more.

Just then, Baron’s cell phone went off. Had it just rang and stopped, he might have ignored it and proceeded to the next stage of lovemaking with Aurelia. But when it continuously rang, he had no choice but to at least see who the persistent caller was.

“Who is it?” Aurelia panted out, watching him frown down at the lighted panel of the black phone in his hands.

“Jordin,” Baron replied, looking and sounding apologetic.

That’s when the realization of what she’d done tonight hit her. Hard.

Realizing that her plan to tease and reject him had backfired on her big time, Aurelia snatched her gaze away, now too embarrassed to even look at him. Her hands swiftly began to fix her clothing. “You might want to answer that. If she’s like most women, she’s not going to stop calling until you do,” Aurelia said when his cell phone rang for the tenth time.

Baron took a deep breath, turned the radio completely off, and reluctantly answered Jordin’s call.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

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  1. Nerd moment: Windlasses are used to raise water from wells.

    I didn't know this piece of trivia until I was searching for the right word picture for this scene. Now I'll never forget it.

  2. Da Jardin as piss me off you know. She always ah intarupt my gal and her man. She nee gwan gallang bout her business.

    Fire bun she man!

  3. Paula: LOL!!! From what I could make out, you are hot as fire with Jordin. But your accent got so thick there that I'm gonna need you to translate a few things for me.

    What is:

    1. Gallang?
    2. Fire bun?

    Educate me, gal!

  4. Sorry, but I am HOT with this Jordin! She is getting in my girls Sauce (business).

    Gallang - Go away

    Fire bun - This means different things based on the conversation. In my case I am say forget her.

  5. Jessie8:44 PM

    Why not just not answer it. You have better things to be doing.

  6. Wow Prina that was a HOT scene...Will Jordin find Aurelia thongs that Baron put in his pocket?...I hope that Jordin won't use it to discredit Baron and embarrass, expelled, or blackmail Aurelia with it. Oh or she may let the P.I in on it to help her get Baron back...I know what you're gonna say Prina "I'm way ahead of the story and get out of your head"

  7. Paula: Thanks for the translation.

    Jessie: LOL!

    Subrina: Hopefully Ch. 16.3 answered your question about the missing thong. lol. You'll have to wait and see about Jordin's misdeeds. And yes, you are thinking way ahead of the story AS USUAL. Even rubbing off on Paula. lol. I love it though.

    Thanks for the comments, y'all.

  8. of course what would the story be without the stalker type chick.... Jordin just trying to protect "her" man from Aurelia....i mean Baron did lead her on....but she's sorely mistaken if she thinks they going to last....i loved how Aurelia's plan what happens when you play with fire....

  9. Kim: There's more than stalker chicks in this story, stalker guys, too.

    That was kinda funny about Aurelia's plan backfiring. I had so much fun writing that part. tee-hee.