Monday, April 13, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 3.2

Aurelia kept looking Baron’s way the whole time she performed her routine. In her mind, there were no other men in the room. In her mind, she was dancing just for him.

The more Aurelia watched Baron watching her, the hotter she got. The hotter she got, the more sensual her moves became.

When Baron held up a stack of bills that were sure to pay the rest of her college tuition, her rent, and put food in her fridge, Aurelia gave him a wink and a smile. He winked back and nodded her over. That’s the cue she’d been waiting for. She was his…for tonight.

Aurelia concluded her routine and started towards Baron. With swaying hips, she made every step count. This sexy strut was her very own walk of fame. She wanted the professor to remember it well.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Raven rushed to stand in front of Baron, immediately blocking his view of Aurelia. “Do you want a lap dance, Professor?”

Slanderous heifer, Aurelia thought with flashing eyes.

“Yes, I do,” Baron replied.

Raven smiled triumphantly.

“From Aurora,” Baron added smoothly, leaning to the left to smile at the woman he really wanted. The same woman that had sparked life into him again after months of walking around like the living dead. The fact that Raven was a blonde like Megan made her even less appealing to him.

Thoroughly rejected, Raven’s smile fell to the ground and broke into a thousand little pieces.

Meanwhile, liquid lava coursed through Aurelia’s veins to hear Baron prefer her over Raven. Her!

Maybe some gentlemen still preferred blondes, but not this one. This one preferred hot chocolate.

Aurelia was officially on cloud nine. She didn’t realize until just now how much she needed to feel preferred by someone. How much she needed to feel special. Baron was going to get the best lap dance he ever had for sure now.

“Excuse me, girlfriend,” Aurelia purred super-sweetly to her rival. On the word ‘girlfriend’, she used her left hip to help the competitive woman on her trifling little way. In the background Ciara’s So Hard cued up.

Barely catching herself from falling on her face at that ‘helpful’ shove, Raven huffed and reluctantly moved on to the next man. That man happened to be Marquess, who welcomed a lap dance from her. He looked ready to receive anything else she wanted to offer him.

Across the room, Count laughed, finding the whole thing funny with his competing brothers and the two rival strippers. Despite the fact that he was the guest of honor tonight, he was too in love with his fiancée to receive any lap dances for himself. However, Count didn’t mind watching other men enjoy themselves with the girls while he sipped champagne and smoked his favorite Cuban cigar.

“Can I have my dance over there in the corner?” Baron asked, nodding towards a semi-secluded spot near a large potted plant.

“Sure,” Aurelia replied, preferring a bit of privacy, as well. Sexually charged to the max, she’d gladly follow the professor anywhere right about now.

Allowing him to sit down first, Aurelia settled into his lap with a seductive smile. Draping her arms about his neck, she began to sensually move her lower body upon him in time to the slow tune. It was her normal routine, but this time something felt different about it. She felt different this time.

Baron moaned as his body instantly responded to Aurelia’s presence again. His whole body was at attention, nerve endings and all as desire skyrocketed through his veins.

Aurora,” Baron whispered her stage name with fervor.

Oh, it felt so good to be a man right now. The fresh floral scent of this woman intoxicated him. That peek-a-boo neon pink outfit had his mind dizzy, and the way she worked her hips had him thinking about much more than a lap dance.

Baron also liked that straight wig Aurelia had on now. It not only gave her a completely different look than before, but increased her level of gorgeousness tenfold. Not every woman had the kind of face that dramatically changed in degrees of beauty based on her hairstyles and facial expressions. That could only mean that this woman was truly special.

“You can touch me if you want, Professor,” Aurelia whispered to Baron. She could see the thick desire in his eyes. She could feel the thickness in his body, the way he trembled as he fought for restraint. Around them, other couples were starting to get friskier as well.

As if he’d been given a get out-of-jail-free card, Baron’s hands moved upwards to stroke her elegant neck, unaware that he’d just caught her off guard by that action.

Aurelia thought for sure he would go to her lower curves or even to her breasts first. But no, this unique man went to her neck instead, tracing it with gentle strokes as if she was a treasure to behold, not a stripper. That unexpected act caused Aurelia to behave just as unexpectedly.

Placing one hand on his shoulder for balance as she continued to slowly grind upon him, she used her other hand to untie her halter top. Soon her pasties were seen.

Baron inhaled sharply at the sight of her full brown swells. A breast man, he licked his pink lips, greedy to taste her. Yet because he knew that was against the rules, he used his hands instead since she’d only given him permission to touch so far.

Curious to see what was behind those pink floral-shaped pasties, Baron slowly peeled them away. He licked his lips again as two beautiful dark-brown peaks entered his eyesight. Still restricted to only touch, he rubbed the tips of his fingers across those rigid peaks before kneading the heavy globes attached. They felt better than the ripest melons. Looked better, too.

Scrumptious. Just scrumptious. Baron licked his lips once more.

Aurelia shuddered and moaned at that action. She arched closer to him. “I like your hands on me, Professor,” she said, amazed that they were so deliciously manly, despite the fact that he worked indoors. She didn’t know that he was a true outdoorsman, hiking and camping nearly every weekend. Or that his home gym included boxing gear as well as regular exercise equipment, which kept the rest of his body just as manly.

“I like touching you, Aurora.” Baron looked up into her eyes as he continued to knead her in circular rotations.

“Well, you can touch me for the rest of the night if you want to.” Aurelia arched towards him even more. “And as of right now, I officially designate all of my remaining lap dances to you.”

Moaning at those words of exclusivity, Baron sent both hands to her round bottom, squeezed and began to grind heatedly beneath her. He didn’t know if lap dances were all he was ever going to get from her tonight, but if they were, he wanted the full effect of them.

Aurelia sucked air in through her teeth as he squeezed her closer to him, grabbing even bigger handfuls of her bottom. She liked that eagerness. That fervor.

Aurelia also appreciated the natural rhythm of Baron’s hips. How he met each and every thrust of her hips in perfect unison. The man had her moaning and groaning as if she was the one receiving the lap dance instead of him. He made her glad to be a woman. Made her want to see what he was working with as a man.

Aurelia hadn’t been this turned on in a long time. Ever, to be perfectly honest, because what she felt right now was different from anything she had ever felt in her life. Therefore, when Baron sent his exploring fingers for a covert little dip in her pond, she didn’t complain. Instead Aurelia made up her mind once and for all to sleep with him tonight.

Forget her rules. She wanted this man. She needed this man!

It had been a long time since Aurelia had been with any man. Cain had been her last one, so her hormones were definitely jumping tonight. No wonder she embraced the Professor’s neck tighter, moved closer still, and placed her bosom right at the door of his gorgeous pink lips.

Seeing that as an invitation to feast, Baron prepared to do just that. But first he needed to fulfill an impromptu fantasy.

Leaning closer, Baron used the nearest rigid tip to slowly trace the circumference of his soft lips. He repeated the same action with the other peak, just as slowly.

Aurelia let out a low elongated moan that continued from the first lip outline to the last. No man had ever done that to her before. Was he trying to set her thong on fire?

Surely she would be putty in a minute. Silly Putty at that, ready for him to mold at will.

And then he did it. Baron opened his mouth wide and feasted. He moaned as his taste buds came in contact with her sweetness.

Aurelia moaned, too, and began to grind faster as scorching desire pumped through her veins. Forget about keeping on beat to the song playing in the background. She was on fire for this man!

Only Baron could put her fire out.

Just then, Dingo walked up, causing everything to abruptly end like a scratched record on a DJ’s turntable. In other words, this lap dance was officially over.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

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