Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 26.3

Baron lifted his gaze to Aurelia. “You don’t want me to taste every part of you?”

“Yes. No.” She let out an exasperated breath. “I don’t know.”

With puzzled eyes, Baron sat upright. “Why are you so conflicted on this issue?”

“Because of a bad experience I once had,” Aurelia confessed with shiny eyes of emotion. She sat upright, too, angry that the past could still affect her so deeply.

Baron frowned. “Were you raped?”

Aurelia shook her head. “No, mon. But I was sexually assaulted nevertheless. Had he not had dat gun pointed ta my head, I neva would’ve gotten on my knees no matter how much bigger den me he was,” she replied, careful not to call the man’s name. It was bad enough that she remembered Oliver Jean-Baptiste at all, Marshall’s extremely wicked uncle.

Aurelia swallowed hard before continuing. “Even den he had ta push me down and literally pry my lips apart.” Tears spilled upon her cheeks. “I thought I gon’ choke ta death.” She nearly choked on a sob now.

“Oh, baby.” Baron immediately pulled her to him in gentle comfort. “I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

“Me, too,” Aurelia said through her tears. “Ever since den, I swore off dat kinda sex. I figured dere was no need ta ask or expect somebody ta do ta me what I’m not willing ta do ta them. Tis not fair.”

“I understand,” Baron said, inwardly cursing the mystery man that traumatized Aurelia this way. “We don’t have to do that or anything else you feel uncomfortable with,” he continued, though it pained him to say those words. Baron was used to total freedom in the bedroom. Yet for love he would deny himself even that level of pleasure.

Sniffing back her tears, Aurelia lifted her gaze to him. “Thanks, Baron.” She smiled and wiped her cheeks free.

“You’re welcome, baby.” He gave her an affectionate squeeze.

“Now can we please get back to the business of making love?” Aurelia asked, withdrawing from him after giving him a return squeeze. “I don’t want that part of my past to ruin this special moment. Especially when there are so many other things that I do engage in. Things that I can’t wait to show you.” She repositioned her body on the bed in a sexy split.

“Yes, we can,” Baron said, sounding like President Obama in his famous speech.

Aurelia chuckled, feeling better already. Soon round three had begun.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Okay, I have just set the stage for what will eventually become a HUGE issue for A & B later in the book. I also shared a few other tidbits about Aurelia's past. Things you'll do well to remember. *grinning mischievously*

    P.S. Drama alert up ahead.

  2. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Somebody came in the damn house!!!
    The man that was following her...


  3. Mable: LOL!!! Such strong language from such a lady. Somebody hot. Now I know for sure you're knee deep in the story.

    Take deep calming breaths now and count to ten backwards. 10, 9, 8...


  4. i knew she was sexually assaulted.... aaargh.... i'm so angry about that.... the things men do to hold power over women!
    i think i skipped a post... i missed marshall? in which post was he 1st named?

  5. Kim: Marshall was first mentioned in Ch. 25.1

  6. thanks, the parts about marshall makes sense now.... sometimes i speed read very badly and neglect certain parts
    *silly silly me*