Friday, April 24, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 24.1

Baron prided himself on successfully avoiding temptation Tuesday night. Yet when Aurelia showed up to take his final on Thursday afternoon dressed in black stilettos and a formfitting double V-neck black dress that was both sexy and elegant, he seriously thought about taking her before she took that exam.

There was no one else in the classroom besides them. If they closed the blinds and locked the door, no one else had to know what happened in there. It could be their own little secret. It would also be a great birthday present for him since today was his 30th birthday.

However, because Baron was committed to playing by the rules, he did the right thing. He put business before pleasure…again.

Twenty aching minutes later, Baron lived to regret that decision. He thought about exiting the classroom several times just to collect himself, but when he recalled that he didn’t do that with any other test-taking student, he stayed put at his desk and just suffered in silence.

When Aurelia finally turned her test in, Baron met her gaze. Heat resonated between them. “I’ll have your final graded before I leave work today. Your grade will be turned into the registrar’s office soon thereafter.”

“That soon, huh?” One of Aurelia’s arched brows rose.

“Yes, it’s imperative that I conclude this particular school business, so I can get on to other things,” Baron said, speaking discreetly since the door to the classroom was still open.

“I completely understand.” Aurelia smiled with a knowing look. She was also pleased that school would no longer be an obstacle between them after today.

“Yes.” Baron licked his lips with anticipation, wishing he could lick her dimples instead. “Well, it was nice having you in my class, Aurelia. You’ve been one of my brightest students to date. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.”

“Thanks, Professor. I learned a lot in your class. You’re definitely one of the best instructors I’ve had at AU. Although you interrogated us like lawyers…” She paused to chuckle. “…you made the material easy to grasp and gave excellent notes. I couldn’t help but learn a lot in your class.”

“I appreciate that, Aurelia.” Baron smiled. “Make sure you put all that on the teacher evaluation survey. It might help to extend my contract here.” He let out a husky laugh.

“I already did.” Aurelia grinned, patting her backpack. It contained the survey form that she would turn into the dean’s office before leaving school today.

“Very good. Here’s one of my cards. Stay in touch,” Baron said, sliding a business card across the desk.

“Thanks, Professor, I will.” Aurelia received the card. After briefly perusing the gold calligraphy on the front that contained his work number, email address, and work address, she flipped over to the back and saw where he’d handwritten his home address. There was no need to put his home or cell phone numbers on the card. They were both given to her Tuesday night when he called her from home.

“Thanks again…for everything,” Aurelia reiterated, giving him a sensual smile this time. She planned on using that handwritten information tonight.

“Y…you’re welcome,” Baron replied, watching her as she started towards the door. He suppressed a moan at the way that dress hugged her bottom and at the sight of all that sexy brown calf action.

Snatching his gaze away, Baron looked down at Aurelia’s completed test. Her handwriting was just as neat as always. Everything was legible. All answers were coherent and well thought out.

Picking up his red pen, Baron began to grade that test with vigor. The sooner he got this done, the sooner he could pursue Aurelia more openly.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

Photo of Aurelia’s dress:


  1. Let the fireworks begin - lol!!!

    I love this dress Suprina... its gorgeous!!!

  2. Kim: I'm liking it, too. Wait 'til you see the next one she wears. It's more casual, but still rocks.

  3. i concur with the dress. its so simple and absolutely classy and elegant

  4. Bambi: Yes, classy is what I was aiming for. I wanted to show that although Aurelia can dress stripper-ish when she needs to, she is also a lady of class, too.