Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September's Story!

Hey everybody!

As you know, it’s September again. Time for another one of my online VOD stories.

This month’s story will be Big Girls Won’t Cry. It is another one of my Secular novels. It is also the first story that I feature a plus-sized woman as the heroine, so this storyline ought to be lots of fun. I know the research for it has been off the chain. lol.

When does Big Girls Won’t Cry start on this blog?

Monday - September 21, 2009 (Please mark that date on your calendars).

Now on to other news…

Did y’all know that we have another writer in our midst? In fact, she’s one of my most avid readers and a frequent commentator. Who is this mystery person?

It’s Paula Thomas!

Yes, our very own Paula has decided to try her hand at writing. She is featuring her very first novel (entitled Angel Love) for free at the following link.

Paula’s pen name at this site is Ajani. The blurb for Angel Love is below:

Angel Lafont is a sexy 22 year old struggling college student. She is determined to finish school with no distractions......NO MEN! That is until she glimpse the one man that reminded her she is ALL WOMAN!

Jahki Love at 27 is lonely after being widowed for two years. He is determined to to find the one woman who will set his soul on fire. A near fatal crash brings him face to face with his destiny......his goddess.

Can Angel and Jahki compromise and fight for love or will they let lies and deceit keep them apart?

I encourage all of you to go show Paula some love and support in this new venture. Tell her Suprina sent you.

Be blessed, y’all!


  1. Hi Suprina.. finally u r back in actioan lol.. ;) wow even paula is writing so i guess i will get more books to read.. hehe
    Thanks once again..
    Paula : U will rock as Suprina for sure.. All the best :D

  2. i have a question.. i'm confused with how to read the novel : Angel love.. can someone pls guide ? :(

  3. Mary: Just follow the link and click on the title of the story. It should take you right into the tale.

    Hope that helps.


  4. Thanks Suprina got it :D

  5. Mary: Welcome! :)