Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 8.1

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  1. ... good points about Sabrina's qualifications for the job. Didn't consider that till you mentioned it. But she is a trooper... she rose to the occasion! Yahhhh Sabrina!
    ... can not wait to see what the family has to say about her makeover, that is going to be a good post to read!

  2. Comm/Girl: Yes, I was trying to be realistic about things.

    In real life, Subrina's supervisors would definitely have those concerns, maybe even more than that. After all, there is the gender issue to consider. But I didn't go there because another strong woman (Karianne)had already proven that she was capable of field work and wanted Subrina to live up to the standard set before her. Especially with so many male peers around, itching to make a name for themselves.

  3. Latrice12:58 PM

    wow...that was alot that Subrina was willing to go through not only for her best friend but to shut this operation down..Proves more and more that we must be willing to step way outside of the box to accomplish certain things. If we really think about this post, it should really make us think, how far am i willing to go to get IT done, whatever it is!

    Comm Girl/ the reactions of her family is going to be a mess probably especially from those witchy twins probably and probably not lol...

  4. Latrice: The only thing about that is the fact that we never know how much will be required of us in any given relationship, including the one that we have with our Maker. How much will we have to give up, sacrifice, and forsake just to follow the right path or to help a friend in need? I don't know, but it seems that we have to at least be WILLING to give up EVERYTHING.

  5. Latrice12:00 AM

    Prina- You are so right about being willing to give up everything in our relationships especially that one with our Maker. I'm learning all the more lately just how much I can truly give up. I'm grateful for this lesson everyday because I truly know I can live without anything but JESUS!

  6. Anonymous2:15 PM

    you know glad she going undercover to take down ricky and the rest of the crew for hurtin her friend but others who been there and still there today. i had family members who use to do it and when they stop it haunted them everyday about their past but make them stronger too. thanks for the updated.

  7. Anon: Thanks for sharing that tidbit about your family's past. You'll find that lots of us on this blog use it as a way to flush out our feelings about certain things. So feel free to share whatever you like here. No one will judge you or your loved ones.