Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 4.2

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  1. Going to respond to comments and then take a long break. I know I left y'all on a hook, but I did it for all of our own goods.

    The next few chapters are going to be real emotional and I want everybody to be ready to deal with them. I personally have to get my emotions in check to even finish writing them.

    Talk to you later.

  2. I KNOW that is right! Call the police! Call the cost guard! Call the FBI! Call the CIA! Ricky better call on JESUS! Because they will be calling a coroner for is dismembered BODY!!!!

  3. Ok, I'm here. And can a sista say WOW!!! So many emotions, so early in the story.

    And so I don't do that thing, and post what I am thinking, I am glad that Subrina is still trying to be there for Leesha after the strain that was put on their friendship. And Leesha getting the opportunity to tell Subrina excatly how much she means to her.

    Can't wait to

  4. Comm/Girl: LOL!!!! So violent. lol.

    E: Girl, I love that new avatar photo. Cute! I told you I don't mind you doing that 'thing'. Write ALL your thoughts out loud. I'm cool with it. If you hit too close to home, I'll just be mum on the issue. LOL

  5. Latrice9:26 PM

    All I can say is YES. Subrina is showing love at it's most needed time. I can not wait to see how this friendships blossoms after the trial it has endured. That thing made me feel GOOD seeing the way Subrina responded to Leesha and I gotta give it to you Prina, Jeopardy is just a game when it comes to the ones we love

  6. Latrice: Subrina did her thing in her friend's time of need. Be forewarned, sometimes our friends reach out to us too late...

  7. Latrice9:49 PM

    Suprina: Warning heeded, you are absolutely right and im learning some of them reach out to us and still dont recieve us. Thanks girl

  8. Anonymous1:25 PM

    i'm glad that she there for her friend and the girl was samrt to get away from that a hole hope they get him and bring him to justic. thanks for the updated.

  9. Anon: He's going to be brought to justice for sure.