Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 4.1

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  1. For those of you who read Treachery Among Diamonds, you know exactly who 'Crazy Red' is and what happened to his perverted behind. That is one character that actually gave me the heebie-jeebies. Yikes!

  2. Latrice2:25 PM

    I didn't ready Treachery... but Crazy Red just gave me the need for a cuss jar...I was absolutely devastated reading this. I thought,Oh God I knew Ricky was no good and I can believe he didn't marry her but prostitution. And then he stood there and watched. Brings to mind an early childhood experience that left some very heavy and deep rooted emotional scars in my life. Wow, Suprina you are going to really help us with this one. In four chapters you've addressed so many issues that most wouldn't touch. Can't wait to see what happens to Ricky because I know you aren't going to just let that go.

    On a happier note, very glad to see that Subrina got to open her boutique. Now with Leesha coming back possibly, maybe she'll get to open another one in California as planned.

    Ready to see how Leesha is going to get through these devastations and even more how Subrina is going to help her. This is going to be a great testament to true friendship.

  3. Latrice: Yep, Ricky did that mess to Leesha. She foolishly let him. I'm mad with them both right now.

    I have no idea why this book is starting off being such a heavy hitter, but I'm determined to just go with the flow. And you're right, Ricky is going to paid IN FULL for what he did to our girl Leesha.

    As for Subrina, she had to keep moving forward even when her best friend dumped her. It was hard, but she made herself do it. I personally hope I'm never put in that position, but if so, God is able to see me through (I know this is a Secular book, y'all, but...whatever. lol).

    'A great testament to true friendship'. Great quote.

  4. Prostitution.... The BASTARD! (is that cursing?)

    Never even married her!!!! The BASTARD!

    I KNEW Subrina should have hired some hit men it kick is #&*&^%$$!!!!

    Violent sex with 'Crazy Red'?!?! *&@&^*%!!!!

    "it finally dawned on me that the man I loved, even after all he’d put me through up until that point, didn’t care whether I lived or died"
    ... it's about $&**^%% TIME!!!!!

    He stayed in the ROOM!?!? &(_(&%((*&. Where is my gun!?!?

    Kicking her and beating her!?!? &*#@%& It is ONNNNNN NOW Brotha! Mess with my best friend! Hell is going to be an UPGRADE for you!!!

    I have not read Treachery among Diamonds either... can't decide if I want to or not.. I feel so violent right now, not sure I should risk it!!!!!

    Help me Jesus!

  5. RFLOL!!!!!!!

    Latrice I agree with with about the heavy hitting topics Suprina is touching on early in this story. My issues were brought up and let me tell you I am still ticked that I was that stupid....NOT NO MORE THOUGH!!!!!!!!!

    As for Community girl, you have got me rolling all over the place with your comment. My mom always told me that if a man ever raises his hand to you let that be the first and the last time he ever tries that. Love is a four letter word some people hide behind when they cannot stand on there own in a relationship.

    Leesha makes me so angry because after all of the she actually believed that she loved him....RICKY! I hope she realize that she was in love with an Illusion.

  6. I forgot you guys should really read Treachery Among Diamonds to see what happened to that SICK A%@ BASTARD!!!!


  7. Comm/Girl: Some folks might consider bastard (illegitimate child) to be a cuss word, but I don't. No worries. But I see you got Paula saying it too. LOL!

    T.A.D. is a great story, but you have to be prayed up to read it because it will have you wanting to be a cussbox. One character in particular will make you want to crawl into the story and personally choke him out. lol

  8. Paula: Leesha WAS in love with an illusion. Girl, you hit the nail on the head that time.

    And yes, Crazy Red got exactly what he deserved in T.A.D.

  9. Latrice9:46 PM

    Community Girl im going to have to use that Hell is going to be an upgrade line that is classic and so true if you even think about messing with my friends

    love it lol

  10. wow girl... this is some heavy hitting stuff!!!! is the expression love is blind fitting for Leesha and Ricky...he has some really sad issues himself... he must hate women to some degree that he could allow a man to beat a woman merciless! i definitely agree she was in love with an illusion... its such a shame that her self esteem was so low that she fell for that no good trippin excuse for a man (lol did i say that right?)

  11. Kim: Heavy-hitting...yeah, that seems to be the consensus with this story...and right off the bat, too.

    Although I was saving this revelation for a later point in the book, I've come to realize that love is not blind at all. Love is simply selective in what it chooses to look at. That's true on multiples levels, Kim, even when it comes to God.

    Remember God is Love, but He is not blind. He simply chooses what He wants to look at. Instead of focusing so much on how sinful we may be acting now, He seems to prefer focusing on who He made us to be and the glorious place we're going to end up in the future.

    Okay, now I'm off my soapbox for the day. lol.

  12. Anonymous1:16 PM

    wow that basterd had her having sex with men for money that son of bitch i hope some one rip his balls off what he did to her. glad she didnt' give up on her friend . yeah i rember crazy red head yeah rember crippy guy very well lol. thanks for the updated.

  13. Anon: Wow! That post got you mad as fire. No worries. We share your anger.

    I'm glad she didn't give up on her friend either.

    You remember Crazy Red too? (shudders) I want to forget him and I'm the one that created him. lol. He was VERY creepy.