Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 5.1

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  1. All I can say to this sad, irritating, infuriating post is, some promises shouldn't be kept.

    Going back to write more...

  2. See there... She is dead! OMG! Grrrr

    "He also hoped that he wouldn’t need new underwear after this meeting, because Victoria was really scaring the crap out of him right now."
    .... (giggle) that is cute!

    Yah, I agree with you on that one 'Prina' some promises just should not be kept. Others should never be made in the first place. Father grant me wisdom in that area.

  3. Comm/Girl: I'm amazed that just about every quote I'm pausing over while writing the story, you are pausing over while reading the story. Awesome!

    Also thanks for that nugget of wisdom about not making certain promises in the first place. Why deliberately snare yourself with the words of your mouth?

  4. Latrice9:02 PM

    I cant really say anything right now, im heartbroken that Leesha is gone. Wow...

    And the mother of his child??? HMMMMM

    Cant really say much now.. gotta read further so i can really see what's going on

  5. Latrice: Yeah, that thing with Leesha tore me up, too. By all means, keep reading...

  6. To all: I just wanted to put up a reminder on this post.

    Reminder: This part of the story was changed from the original sample that I wrote a year ago.

    In the original, I had Subrina calling in any FBI friends to pick Leesha up who might have been closer to Vegas, and then Leesha ending up dying anyway before even they could get to her fast enough.

    This time around, I had Subrina trying to pick her up herself and having her FBI friends to prepare a safe house for her to take her friend to.

    I didn't know why I switched that part up until now. I was just going with the flow at the time. You're see how that change fits in the story later on.

  7. Anonymous1:33 PM

    omg i cna't belvie she dead i was hoping that she lived but she dead realy dead that bastard. i hope he get his balls cut off. thanks for the updated.

  8. Anon: Yes, she's really dead. It tore me up, too. :(