Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 11.1

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  1. That's it until Monday, y'all. As you know Sunday is my day off.

    Coming up next:
    ~ Subrina and Caesar finally interact verbally. Sparks fly all over the place. lol.

  2. Oh no Prina how could you leave me hanging like that...Come on please post them interacting verbally before Monday...Please, Please, Please...(sad puppy dog eyes)

  3. I give it to Blaine he told a good speech. A beautiful and stlyish room can still be a cage. I hope these women are not held against their wills. Vicky don't seem the type a (white) slave predator/trader. HOORAY FOR MONDAY!!!!!!

  4. Subrina: Sorry I had to do it to, girl. I'm tryna balance my home/work/rest schedule and so I'm striving to do a better job of pacing myself with the posts. Trust me, I NEED that day of rest. lol.

    Cinquetta: Girl, you done started something with that 'a beautiful and stylish room can still be a cage' quote. OMG!!!!! I LOVE that! Especially since it's so true.

    As for Vickie not being that way, just know that there are a lot of things she don't know about around her ranch. She didn't know about Leesha getting abused, remember? Not to forget all those other secrets Ricky and Blaine have together.

  5. Jessie12:14 AM

    Is this story similar to one of Sylvia's? I think I remember something similar to this one from another author. I am hooked now. Can't wait tell I can read another posting.

  6. Jessie: I'm pretty sure I haven't read a similar story to this one by Sylvia or anyone else. Not saying that one doesn't exist though. lol. After all, there's nothing knew under the sun and sometimes authors do have similar storylines and plot points.

    Trust me, ALL of Suprina/Mi'Chelle's stories are o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l...even those where I add a modern twist to a familiar Bible story (i.e. my book Up From Sorrow was inspired by the biblical story of Ruth). Since Sylvia is actually following Big Girls too, I'm sure she'll let me know if I stepped on her toes about anything.

    Btw, thanks for bringing this subject up, Jessie. People need to know that stuff like this does happen among authors sometimes. Some authors (I call them lazybone authors) 'borrow' ideas from their peers and then try to pass them off as their own. Thankfully, I'm not one of them.

    P.S. Glad you're hooked on the story.

  7. Latrice4:36 PM

    CINQUETTA!!!!! I HOLLERED WHEN I READ that! I'm using it in a sermon just as soon as God allows because I promise you more people need to know that a beautiful and stylish room can still be a cage! YESSSSSSSSSSS that is too good!

    Suprina, your a class act!

  8. @ Prina: good post, hmmmmm, Acceptance, a powerful drug isn't it.

    @ Jessie, I'm with you on that one! I am hooked to Miss Lady. Can't wait to see what happens next! :)

    I have always enjoyed 'Prina's' UNIQUE writing style and INVENTIVE story lines. She brings a FRESH INITIATIVE to romance novels that I have yet to see anywhere. Happy reading.

  9. Latrice: Thanks for the compliment!

    Comm/Girl: Yes, acceptance is a powerful drug. Thanks for your compliment(s). Y'all 'bout to make me cry.

  10. Latrice12:55 PM

    Comm Girl- I got chills just reading, Acceptance is a powerful drug. That's another ministry moment for real! Self-Acceptance seems to be the hardest thing for people, especially women to do. Thanks girl! Gotta do some praying on that one because when we accept ourselves, then we will cease to compare ourselves to others and we'll see what's in us that God can use as well as what's in others but instead of comparing those things, we'll see maybe the compatibility of those things.
    Getting off my soapbox but I'm going to use that for a women's ministry topic.

  11. @ Latrice,

    No worries woman do your soap box thannnng.... in fact.... scoot over!!! (giggle)

    I agree with everything that you said, but I will add something else. I think that we should learn to accept ourselves, but that can be difficult because of the messages in the world. That is why we turn to the word and see that God has accepted us. We are accepted in the beloved!

    Ephesians 1:6
    To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.

    Confession: I am accepted. I am acceptable! I am accepted in the beloved! God's word won't return unto him void! Acceptance is mine!

    PS... Prina, may not be able to preach cause this is a secular book and all... but there ain't no rules about us saying stuff!!! OKAY!!!!

  12. Latrice1:33 PM

    Comm Girl:


  13. Latrice & Comm/Girl: Y'all wiling out today. I LOVE it! :D

  14. Latrice1:48 PM

    Comm Girl: Clearly i forgot to give you your AMEN about Prina's writings because nobody puts it down like Ms Frazier!

  15. Caesar is so freakin fine! Haha, look foward to see how long the whole "I'm a lesbian and will bite your head off!"-act will last! Love this story already, thank you for sharing!

  16. Serenity: Thank you for joining us. :)

  17. No, thank you for welcoming me - look forward to read more later on =)

  18. Anonymous3:21 PM

    wow is all i have say about that s.o.b uncle we love you plus size woman but we wanted you to do some dirty stuff that makes us rich and make you feel like loser hated when people do that. i thins cesar will be good for our girl he and his mother is the only one that has since in the family. thanks for the updated.

  19. Anon: That uncle is definitely talking out both sides of his neck. One minute he lifting big girls up, the next he making them feel low and trying to disguise it as something else.