Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 10.2

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  1. Latrice4:19 PM

    Watch, watch, watch- The first thing I noticed was that subrina was observing her surroundings. This is so important in all areas of our lives. We can learn/discern so much just from watching.

  2. Latrice: I'm going to start being more watchful. Thanks for reminding me of how important it is to be that way.

  3. oooh wee... i'm NOT a wrestling fan but i do think both baptista and john cena are HOT.... yum!!!!
    girl... i LOVE how smart Subrina is... she thought of everything for this mission... i love it;)

  4. Kim: I agree. They are hotties. Another reader (Trina) gave me the idea to use John C. In fact, she outright asked me to write a story featuring him as a character because he is her favorite wrestler. Thanks for the nudge, Trina!

    Yes, Subrina is a very smart cookie.

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM

    wow i like you so much for putting john cena in this story hope you do another one of him in it he so dam hot lol. we god maded that he did good very very good lol. ooo so she think cesear hot don't blame her but something tell me she and him going to feel each other alot more. thanks for the updated.

  6. Anon: Well, we finally know that you are indeed Trina by this post. lol. That John Cena thing pulled you right out of the anonymous zone. chuckle.

    Yes, C and S are going to feel each other a lot more.