Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 12.4

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  1. To all: I didn't want to leave y'all hanging overnight, so I pushed myself to post the rest of Chapter 12 tonight. I hope you enjoy it.

    Let me know if you see any typos. I was rushing a bit (on account of some impatient folks - ain't calling now names. LOL!).

    I looked forward to reading your comments about this post.

  2. Sorry for rushing you Prina and I did find 1 typo where you said "partna" and I figured you meant partner so I kept on reading...That kiss was explosive and Miss Anorexia (I just loved that part) is forgotten in Caesar mind...I loved how aggressive Bree was when she shoved this muscle man into the shelf and took a hard & slow kiss from him and what took the cake was it was in the grocery store...WOW!!!

  3. Subrina: I meant to write partner that way - Partna. Remember she's using a Texas accent and that's how that word is said there based on my internet research. Any Texans in the house to absolutely confirm this?

  4. Ok, Caesar is completely gone to not have noticed Topaz in that dress.

    Can you say sprung, before he even gets any? I think he will lose his mind if he ever gets more than a kiss. :)

    Suprina & Subrina, I can confirm that 'partna' is spelled correctly for the Texan accent. I have been in this state so long I find myself saying it that way...

  5. Um im not sure but i dont think you need to type BREEin '' marks.

    so far so good

  6. E: You're so right about Caesar being sprung. Tee-hee. Thanks for clearing things up about 'Partna'

    Lilo: I did that for clarity's sake as I switch back and forth between her names while she's undercover. Especially when Caesar's thinking about her. I didn't want anyone to get confused.

    To all: If you agree with Lilo that the quotations are not necessary for Subrina's undercover nickname, I'll stop using them. No worries. After all, I only wrote it that way for y'all.

  7. YAY SUBRINA... this is definitely 1 super confident woman oozing sex appeal.... and Caesar is hooked line and sinker!!! that silly Topaz better step - step WAY BACK if she knows whatS good for her... but this goes to show that once again you dont need to be fat to have low self esteem, coz i'm picking that up with Topaz too, she's relying on a man to provide for her needs as well... and obviously thinks that shes better off bcoz she's THIN... trifflin gold digging TART.... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh makes me sick, she should grow up and fend for herself and most importantly both she and RICKY need to understand the concept I'M NOT INTERESTED... they both THICK!!!!

  8. Kim: Yep, although Subrina's self-esteem used to be low back in the day, it needed to be high enough now to stand up against all the adversity that's about to come her way.

    Topaz warrants an eye-rolling moment. She also is a poster child for the fact that low self-esteem comes in all shapes and sizes.

  9. Go Bree!!!! Topaz know she was wrong talking like that to her - sometimes folks try to make themselves feel good by talking down to someone, but beware you gonna do that once to many time and get cussed or fussed out!!! Who comes to a Cosco size store dressed like that in a Red Hoochie dress unless you scheming? Caesar is hooked and all he got was a good feel and a kiss my my my...........

  10. Ms Jo-Jo: You know Topaz knew she was wrong for that, but that sista didn't care. And that's why she got what she got.

    Yes, Caesar is hooked just from that little sample. LOL!!!

  11. All I got to say is....

    ACTSHEEEEEEEEEEONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS.... And Subrina had ALOT to say! Woooo Weeee! What a kiss!! I' sure those people in the grocery store line will NEVER forget that one... I know I won't!

    Have to agree with 'E' Ceasar must be completely G-O-N-E not to notice Topaz in that dress!

    I luvvvved Subrina's come back lines to 'TRICK' ooops I mean TOPAZ....."Stick figure" Haaaaa! "Anorexia"..... HAAAA HAAA HAAA!

    I have only ONE criticism about Sabrina.... "GIRL!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! GIVE THE MAN ANOTHER KISS AT THE CAR! HE IS TOoooo FINE!!! STOP WAISTING TIME!!!" I can't stand foolishness! She knows she wants to kiss him. HERE! MOVE OUT THE WAY!!!! I'll DO IT!!!!!

    PS @ Prina,
    Bree with our without the quotes... does not matter to me. Artistically speaking. The quotes can be used to symbolize those segments of the story when Bree is completely involved in her cover at the P-Ranch and the absence of quotes can be used to symbolize when she is more like her REAL self... Sabrina. Masks are difficult to maintain, especially when they do not reflect our true selves. The quotes can be used to symbolize the mask, and how sometimes the mask my slip off when we least expect it to! Just a suggestion. Love ya woman!

  12. Well looks like I didnt need to worry, lol! Subrina was busy doing else then biting his head off

  13. I loved how Subrina's reference to Caesars tight shirt made him check himself. I wonder if he realize that subconsciously he is preparing for a long term monogamous relationship with Subrina.

    As for Topaz she need to check herself, big girls with high self-esteem to not take kindly to people telling them what they can and cannot have! LOL

    Subrina you go girl! I love her confidence and love how she handle the stick figures. LOL

  14. Latrice12:49 AM

    That gave a whole new meaning to SHUTTING IT DOWN! Absolutely loved Subrina's comebacks to Topaz, fiesty yet still classy. Confidence without arrogance! You are equipping us girl for battle and Subrina sure showed us that victory can still be won!

    @ Paula- i agree with you on the shirt issue- good to see that Ceaser was actually listening to Bree and it made him want to make a change within himself. So important that we do this in life, it could truly work for our good.

    All I can say is Go Big Girls, Go! Bree is putting it down for all of us!

  15. Comm/Girl: Yeah, that was some kiss. Glad you liked it and Subrina's comeback lines.

    What?! You wanted her to give C another kiss a the car? LOL! Don't you think it's still too early yet? She hasn't known him for 2 days yet and based on their attraction, they're liable to wind up in bed. Remember Subrina don't give it up that easily.

    Good points about the quotes. Deep points, too. Wish I'd thought of it like that. Even so, I'm going to keep it simple for everybody and just remove the quotes.

    Thanks for the insights about the masks.

  16. Serenity: Yep, Subrina was very busy. LOL!

    Paula: Caesar doesn't realize a lot of things right now, but he will very soon. Btw, I wrote that scene to get rid of Topaz. I can't have her in the way of this budding romance between C & S. They're going to have enough things in their way without her.

  17. Latrice: I try to make all my heroines classy. All of them don't start out that way though...remember Cami? LOL! She was straight gutter until her change arrived.

  18. Latrice6:47 PM

    oh yeah I do remember Cami-I couldn't stand that thang at first but I loved her in the end.

  19. Latrice: Nobody liked Cami. Not even me and I HAD to write her story. When I say HAD to write it, that's what I meant. I literally couldn't rest until I had told her tale. Now it's one of my best sellers.

  20. Anonymous4:01 PM

    well me think that the skinny chick got that message loud and clear lol. dam that kiss was hot. thanks for the updated.

  21. Anon: Yes, Topaz has officially left the building.