Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 5.2

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  1. Okay, that's all for now. I need a break for more reasons than one.

    I don't know what happened, but allowing Leesha's character to be killed off just did something to me. I feel like I just lost my best friend.


    Anyway, coming up next:
    ~ Subrina's reaction to Leesha's death.

    P.S. That Caesar dude we just saw in passing is gonna be Subrina's boo (soul-mate). Can you sense the added conflict/tension already? lol.

  2. (Smile) I KNEW Ceasar was going to be the man! I guess there wouldn't be a point in writing the book unless there was drama, but.... dang! (smile)

    “You’ll be amazed what people can learn to live with, if they try,” Blaine replied with a faraway look in his eyes. “As for the guilt, it will eventually pass. Trust me on that.”
    ... Very Scary... Very Sad... but Very true!

  3. Thank you Suprina for reminder me about the story. So far so good I love Suprina attitude and her commit to her friend. I feel bad Leesha is died. I was going to say something smart and low but I shall leave that comment to the wind. Honestly you making Ricky too nice. He is sneaky two-face bastard. He deseved a beatdown. P.I.M.P are not know for having a conscience or feeling guilty. Ricky only sorry that one of his meal ticket has died. I don't feel sorry for him and their are some people you cannot redeem. I like Ricky's Aunt. It is ashamed she is sick maybe she could have provent Leesha beatings. What are ricky and Blaine secerts? Why is Caesar Suprina soulmate? I don't like the sound of that...that don't seem right.
    Thank you for the story!!!!!!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  4. I just realize who Caesar is forget last line of my statement. I happy over joy that Caesar is her Soulmate.

  5. Comm/Girl: Yep, the right amount of drama can make or break a story.

  6. Cinquetta: You're welcome about the reminder. And for the record, the heroine's name is SuBrina. So far I haven't named a character directly after myself...I don't think. lol. I'm at 62 books strong now, so I can't be sure with all the secondary characters I've named.

    Anyway, you made good points about Ricky and pimps as a whole. Let me address that by saying that I'm deliberately trying to make Ricky complex, more human and less like an outright monster (Crazy Red from T.A.D. was a monster), and not so easy to hate. I want to show Ricky's good and bad sides. I want y'all to see what made him into the man he is today.

    I also want to remind you of the fact that pimps have a certain affection for their bottom chicks. Leesha was definitely Ricky's bottom chick. But more than that (spoiler alert) Leesha was the first woman that he actually fell in love with. Yep, the brotha was in love.

    So why did he turn her out anyway after realizing the depth of his feelings? F-E-A-R. Fear of losing his position, status, and the whole of his heart. In short, some men/people are afraid of how vulnerable love makes them and will do whatever they can to eliminate it in their lives.

    As for the secrets between Ricky and Blaine, you'll have to stay tuned to find out. lol.

    Thanks for keeping it real as always. Cinquetta don't sugarcoat nothing. lol.

  7. Wow! Fear is a powerful thing... extremely powerful. Even when I (reluctantly)stand up to a fear in my own life, I realize all to well what a gripping hold fear has on me. I hate it when that happens, I really do! So I just try to confront my personal fears as best I can loosening it's hold on me a little bit at a time, until one day (hopefully) I am free.

    Prina you said: "some men/people are afraid of how vulnerable love makes them and will do whatever they can to eliminate it in their lives."
    ... grrrrrr! I know that is true, but it makes me extremely angry! If those kind of men want love, then love the woman. But if you DON'T want love the SAY that you don't want love and at least let the one you love GO!!! Let them be free! Don't PUNISH them because you LOVE them!!!! What kind of since does that make!?!?! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! If that is LOVE, then PLEASE HATE ME!!!!

  8. Comm/Girl: 'Don't punish them because you love them' Good quote. Don't be surprised if you see it again. lol. I like incorporating reader insight into the storyline. It makes everyone even more vested in the story, IMO.

    As for that comment that I had about drama, I mean to say, "The right amount of drama or lack thereof can make or break a story." Too much drama can turn readers off. Too little can cause them to get bored. Just like most things, it's a balancing act.

  9. I apologize for that typeo its Subrina not Suprina. Ricky...human...mhmm...okay. I don't doubt your skills. Do you...HEY!!!!!!!

  10. Cinquetta: LOL!!!!! I'll do my best to get you to see just how human Ricky is as the story goes along.

    Thanks so much for bringing up the pimp subject. It caused me to revamp a few things in my WIP in order to reveal how Ricky really felt about Leesha sooner than later. I was saving that for later time. After your comment, I realized that I needed to move it up. Be on the lookout for that sometime tomorrow.

  11. OHMYGAWD!!!I am already hook on this story. This is my fifth time checking on this story to see you have update. OHMYGAWD I am trippin like crack fiend for story. I only got 8hrs before I go back to work. OHMYGAWD this is last time I am checking in see you have update. THIS is it until midnight...I hope? I got to get some sleep. "Say goodnight Cinquetta!!!!!!!!" LOL

  12. Cinquetta: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I'm working on the story now. Hope to post by 3pm, though you'll probably be sleep by then. Either way, you'll have a few posts waiting for you when you wake up or get off from work.

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  13. @ Cinquetta, don't feel bad girrrrrl! You are not the only one! The first step to deliverance is to admit that you have a problem!

  14. Latrice9:14 PM

    Suprina: Please tell me Leesha didn't die for real, please tell me this is just a ploy to get them to relax, meaning the people at the ranch because they think their secrets died too. Blame it on the writer in me just hoping for a twist. Still in shock.

    Comm Girl/Cinquetta: I'm just as hooked so much that I'm trying to fight pain meds affect and not go to sleep so i can

    I feel you on the human side of Ricky and showing what has caused him to be the man he is today. Many times we don't take this into consideration because of all the wrong they've done. One thing I do know is that because God is God, as long as there is life in your body, there is always the opportunity for change. Sorry I got on my soapbox just then..

  15. Latrice: Sorry to say, but Leesha is really dead in this story. No E-Blade situation (ie. the Mr., Mrs., and Miss trilogy) this time around (although I might use that twist again one day. lol).

    No worries about the soapbox. We all get on them on this blog from time to time. lol.

  16. oh my gosh she's dead... no man for some reason i was sure that subrina would get to her in time but then i remembered the prologue... sad that in order to find her soulmate she had to lose her best friend... and FEAR - is false evidence appearing real... someone once told me that everything u do is either rooted in fear or in love and so true that statement has come to be for me... but the wonderful thing is that God hasnt given us that spirit... he's equipped us to fight fear... my heart breaks for women with low self esteem like Leesha they dont realise that they can fight that fear...

  17. Kim: Yeah, she's dead. That thing tore me up to write. Sigh.

    I love that reminder about fear and about how God didn't give it to us. Everybody preaching today on the blog. I LOVE it!!!!!