Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 11.5

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  1. Okay, that's it for today. I posted early in order to free my night up to respond to comments, support a few other authors, and rest up from my long night of writing.

    Coming up next (tomorrow):
    ~We meet the P-Ranch girls.

  2. Ok Ricky gonna be a bad boy i can feel it - you earned your rest Suprina!!! I'm putting my twinkies down and thinking about the gym! :(

  3. Ms. Jo-Jo: Girl, don't feel bad. I was eating cookies at 5am this morning. I used them as an energy booster to stay up and finish typing Chapter 11. LOL! Now a sista is feeling drained. Sigh.

    I may do some yoga/pilates and walking tonight to make up for that cookie incident. Sleep first though.

  4. Latrice5:06 PM

    I'll get in on the confessions first, I have been eating ice cream sandwiches, big debra cupcakes lol, and dr pepper at 2 and 3 am in the morning on a couple of occasions.

    Now that darn ricky is just not going to do right. In the words of Madea, I DON'T LIKE HIM!

    Can't wait to see the interactions between Ricky/Subrina and Ceasar/Suprina.

    You earned your rest, glad to see you getting some balance.

  5. I like the easy communication between Bree and Caesar and it's so refreshing but she needs to let him know fast that she's not bisexual nor a lesbian.

    I just know that Bree gonna handle Ricky real good (I hope she makes him cry) when he try to make a play on her again and hopefully without being recognized.

  6. "he wasn’t about to let Caesar or anyone else have ‘Bree’ before him."
    .... BEFORE HIM!?!?! DIS AIN'T NO BUFFET LINE!!! Subrina ain't sellen tickets!!!! HOW DISRESPECTFUL!!! GRRRRR!

    "dashing his own hopes with that logic."... powerful word picture... must think about that in my own life for a while.

  7. WELL WELL WELL Love is in the air. (sad part the theme song to THE LOVE BOAT is going thur my head, oh please make it go away hehelol) Oh poor poor Ricky guilty conscience is a B%$%ch.
    Oh Suprina my little writer angel is growing up. She talking about threesome do I sense a little freak in you. GO big girl go big girl go...Damn I not worthy...bowing to your greatness!!!!

  8. Latrice: I don't like Ricky either.

    Subrina: Bree has to let that lesbian/bisexual lie stand for now on account of the case. But is that gonna stop Caesar from pursuing her? LOL. You'll have to wait and see. Oh yes, that would be nice for Bree to make Ricky cry. Good idea. Are you hinting for me to put that in the story? LOL!

  9. Comm/Girl: Girl, you are so right!!!! Bree ain't no buffet line. The nerve of some men!! I'm glad you liked that word picture.

    Cinquetta: I know I give off that innocent vibe and in some ways I am. These days I do my best every day not to sin, try to be quick to repent when I do, and basically try to live right.

    However, my past is far from spotless. The stories I could tell you from my own life. They would really shock you. LOL! No 3-somes involved though. I never got down like that.

    As for bowing to my greatness, you know WHO I think you should bow to instead. Enuff said! LOL!!! Stay real, girl. :)

  10. Latrice1:11 PM

    Comm Girl: You are so darn funny! I love DIS AINT NO BUFFET LINE!!!!!!!!!!!! That was good to my soul!

  11. Anonymous3:46 PM

    well ceaser don't you worry she like men and i think you about to find that out sooner then later lol. i hated ricky he makes my skin crawl yuck. love the story and thanks for the updated.

  12. Anon: I think we ALL hate Ricky right about now.