Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 11.4

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  1. Cesar is tooooo cute! Funny too!

    "Anyway, all of the P-Ranch recruiters have memberships at our gym."
    ... Why would the P Ranch recruiters go work out at the S ranch in order to stay in shape but then tell the P Ranch women that they are fine the way they are... seems hyporitical to me. If the women can be overweight, then the men can be overweight too. Hmmmmm unless they don't think they will be able to recruit as well!!

  2. Thank you Suprina but his face permanent stamp in my memory. " Can you smell what the Rock is cooking!"(LOL)

  3. Comm/Girl: Yes, Caesar is cute and funny. I wanted to combine the 2 in order to make it even harder for Subrina to resist him.

    As for the double standard with the girls, you have officially uncovered yet another lie with the P-Ranch. If a person's weight shouldn't be a consideration for the women, why is it such a big deal for the men?

    Here's another double standard - the men stay in shape because they know that even plus-sized women are often size bigots. Yes, big girls will hold a man's size against him, too, even though they hate when folks do them that way.

    See how shallow we all are when it comes to weight issues?

  4. Cinquetta: That gorgeous mug is pretty hard to forget. LOL. I LOVE that line from The Rock.

  5. Latrice1:07 PM

    Love this innocent interaction between them and I absolutely love that even in this conversation, Subrina was still using it as a fact finding mission inquiring about the gym being available to the ladies of the P-Ranch.

    Also really glad that Subrina really knows that Ceasar is really not "on staff" at the P-Ranch. That could have been a real deal breaker for her!

    Also glad to see someone making her laugh! Yes! Love it, love it, love it.

    Love Ceaser!

  6. Latrice: Yes, that would have been a deal breaker for Subrina. I'm glad so many folks are feeling Caesar. I tried to make him likable.

  7. heehehheheheh - by all means get your gloat back on??? love it!
    "Oh what a delightfully funny, deliciously handsome man this was" so glad she's liking him... he actually has a cute sense of humour!

  8. Kim: Tee-hee. Yep, Caesar's sense of humor rocks!

  9. Hehe I have Sabrina points for trying but Caesar is simply irresistable ;)

  10. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I tell you this i break my water pipes jus to see that man in his handman outfit he can fix my pipes any time but of course it going to be alot money lol. but like the little filrty going on btween these two. so ricky saw them wanted what sneaky snake going to do next? thanks for the updated.

  11. Serenity: Yeah, Caesar was too irresistible. Subrina didn't stand a chance.

    Anon: LOL!!!! Don't tear up the house, girl.