Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 6.3

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  1. There's one more section to this long chapter. I'm about to write it now.

    I hope to conclude this chapter on a lighter note, because this thing with Leesha has made me sad for the last 24-hours. I guess I'm just one of those authors/readers who really gets into a story. Based on your comments, some of you are feeling the pain of Leesha's loss, too.

  2. Woooooooooo!!! Did not expect THAT to happen! Glad that Sabrina got at least some stuff off her chest (still think there is more though). Good for her! I know that Shirly broke it up, but...

    'Prina' you know me... I BELEIVE IS SPEAKING THE TRUTH! Rev. Buckingham and Bobbi needed to be told! Perhaps not at th Leesha's funeral... but sometimes that stuff can't be helped.

  3. I just notice that one of my comments did not go thur. It was about Leesha death/murder...maybe be maybe not murder...but! I was wandering did Big Red have a hand in killing Leesha. Prior to beating she recieve from Ricky did big Red had one of his session with her. (beening nice I could have say azzwhooping but I been nice) I hope Leesha haunt Ricky behind forever. Before this story is over Ricky probably change not before he SUFFER. I am proud of Subrina for steppin up and defending her friend. Subrina mother shock me for standing up for her daughter. Subrina has a big heart I like that about her.

  4. Comm/Girl: Subrina ain't nowhere near done getting stuff off her chest.

    As for what happened with that preacher, he never would have been exposed if he hadn't started willfully sinning. Although he struggled with lust for years prior, when he finally decided to stop fighting and just follow his lust, that's when he sealed his doom.

    Those 10 years of mercy and grace he had should have made him stop the madness and gotten right with God again. But just like so many of us, he kept returning to his sin because he hadn't gotten caught YET. Now look what happened to him.

  5. Cinquetta: I didn't see any extra comments in the comment moderation box. I don't know what happened to them. I hope Blogger is not acting up again. If so, I might have to switch the story over to one of my Wordpress blogs.

    Now on to your questions and comments...

    1. Crazy Red didn't have a hand in killing Leesha. By the time Ricky beat her in May, Crazy Red had already got his just due in another storyline (see T.A.D.)

    2. Yes, you have been nice with your words and I thank you. lol.

    3. I ain't mad with Leesha haunting Ricky for a while. That could work. He deserves that kind of torture.

    4. Ricky is going to SUFFER in this story. That's for sure. Don't know how much changing he's going to do though.

    5. I figured Subrina mother's would shock y'all.

    6. I like Subrina's big heart, too. I know a few people like that in real life. All of which are commenting on this blog. :)

  6. Latrice12:30 PM

    Now now now let's see..Rev Buckingham has been uncovered but isn't it interesting that when thec covers come off they tend to come off of everybody.

    I was glad to see the "right" reverend uncovered but her mother also. Undoubtedly it wasn't the best of places for it to happen but it had to be done.

    I was extra happy to see Selethia stand up for Subrina. That made me clap! For once, she seemed to be a real mother even if it wasn't the best time or place.

    Subrina's heart is one of a kind and I loved seeing that even now she was willing to step in and try to stop her mother from outing Bobbi even though she clearly needed it.

    One more thing on this preacher: There are so many of them operating like this but as people of God we can be assured that grace will not continue to abound if they fail to turn towards God and repent. This is sad and hurtful if you've ever experienced church hurt so when I read the part about Leesha, it hit hard. My hurt was not as hers but hurt is hurt especially when it comes from the one place that you are supposed to get comfort.

    Oh and Subrina-shut him down i loved it. He should be shut down so hard that shut will never get up again!

  7. Latrice: I've said this before in another setting, but it's worth repeating here, church hurt is one of the worst hurt on the planet. I guess because it has a tendency to wound our very spirits and affect how we even relate to God.

    At one point in my life, I was like, "God, I love You, but I don't like Your people so much."

    I still don't like some of them today, but I've forgiven those that hurt me and realized that I don't have to like them. My job is to love them regardless.

    Hope that brief testimony helped somebody today.

  8. oh that stinky reverend had that soooooooo coming!!!! i like the way bree told them where to GET OFF... some people have NO SHAME!

  9. Kim: Stinky reverend definitely had that coming.

  10. Anonymous1:52 PM

    i happy she expose all the shady butts. that pastor the mother all of them not the best time but when it all comes down to it. it had to be done for once and for all. thanks for the updated.

  11. Anon: Yes, it most certainly had to be done. That's what they get! You're welcome about the update. :)