Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 10.1

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  1. Hub-hub-hub Someone is in love. Why do some men call a woman lesbian when she turn them down. Maybe she does not find YOU attract. Damn some men can be idiots!

  2. What happen to the picture of the dress? That what you get for spoiling us...usually you have the picture of the outfit.(*hint* just let me know if I am being greeding*hint*)

  3. Cinquetta: Yeah, that's exactly what I get for spoiling y'all. LOL! I actually did already give a link to the dress during the cast of characters post, but I forget to re-link it for this particular post. I'll go do that now. Thanks for reminding me.

    As for the some men can be idiots comment, I so agree. Sometimes they try to place labels on us just because we're not feeling THEM!

  4. um esqueeze me but i thought the p-ranch was a place for "working girls"... is C sure he wated to take her out on a date or a booty call?? wow im sad he wasnt wondering why a girl like that wasnt working else where.

    hrm... im sure you'll work it out

  5. Lilo: LOL!!! Caesar actually wants to take her out on a date, though he might take the booty call too. lol.

    If Subrina had actually been one of the 'working girls', he might not have bothered since he definitely wants her all to himself. Her being regular staff (a teacher) makes a difference also.

    As for why Subrina is working THERE out of all places, I tried to explain that by mentioning how she needed money to build her dream house soon and wasn't going to let ethics stand in her way. Since the P-Ranch is known for being prosperous and paying folks double, sometimes triple what they can get anywhere else (remember Caesar works for them too), he can deduce that she's there for the money just like mostly everybody else. And especially since teachers as a whole are underpaid.

    I just did a brief internet check and discovered that the annual salary of a foreign language teachers in the California/Nevada area is $53,000 - 54,000. With the cost of living being higher out there, that might not amount to much after living expenses are deducted for. So double or triple that could be a highly tempting offer for any teacher.

    Hope that clears things up.

  6. Latrice4:04 PM

    AMAZING- just darn amazing- now that right there-the gay trip- is always, always what they say. How do I know, I know because I've decided that dating is not what I want to do right now in my life so I can focus on other things, my ministry, my children, my family and friends and for that I've been labeled just as Subrina was. At first I was pissed and then I just didn't really care because God and I know the truth and really that's all that matters. That's kind of what I sensed from the scene while you talked about her walking down the isle..She was just confident in herself, nothing more nothing less. I can't wait to see how this thing pans out between her and Ceaser and how I wished you would have given us a glimpse of that major shut down she gave Ricky but I know you have something great coming.

    As always, i love the information about the teachers salaries. I can always learn something when I read your work not to mention the many, many life lessons you teach us even when you're not trying! Gotta love it.

  7. Latrice: WOW!!!! Thanks so much for sharing that part of your testimony with us. I'm so sorry you were mislabeled as something you're not. I hate when people do that to others, mainly to be spiteful.

    Glad you liked that information drop. I learn so much from y'all too. Sometimes these comments give me the extra fortitude I need to deal with the daily adversities that come my way. Thanks to ALL of you for that!!!!

  8. ooooh like that. i thought she was a teacher turned hooker didnt know she was going to work as a teacher there.

    see i knew you worked it out :P

    i just have to also say, everyone need to give you your props and kudos because you

    - reseach cute pics for us to look at
    - write a story that has a moral to it
    - AND google all the extra sort of random "did you know" type facts.

    one hard working lady you are :)

  9. Lilo: Subrina loves her friend enough to get plastic surgery and lose a few pounds, etc... but not enough to actually prostitute herself out. That's where she drew the line. Everybody has to have some boundaries even when it comes to helping their friends and that's Subrina's.

    Thanks for the props! I try to do my best. *grin*

  10. Anonymous2:55 PM

    he lucky that she didn't cut him ear to ear but ricky will get coming to him and will love it when it happens. Ceaser like her but no supries but he should know he hasnt' meet the right plus size to get him hot and bother. thanks for the updated.

  11. Anon: All it takes is the right anything for us to change our minds about something. That's yet another reason why I'm learning never to say never.