Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 7

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  1. it is on now... :)

    "Ricky was first on Subrina’s list of people to bring down. There would be more since she was sure that he hadn’t worked alone in recruiting and holding Leesha against her will at the P-Ranch."
    ... assumptions are dangerous, very dangerous.

    ... didn't know there were places where prostitution was legal, learned something new.

  2. Comm/Girl: You have just sparked my first nerd moment for this story.

    For all who don't know by now, I am a person of great research and study. I love learning something new everyday and passing it on to increase the knowledge of others. For these traits, I am known among my loved ones as a bookworm/nerd/walking database. lol.


    Here's the nerd moment:

    Nevada and Rhode Island are the only US states where prostitution is legal on any level.

    In RI, the act of sex for money is not illegal. Yet operating a brothel, pimping and street prostitution are illegal.

    In NV, prostitution is presently legal in 8 of its 16 counties. Interestingly enough, the county where Las Vegas is, is not one of them.

    Okay, nerd moment officially over. lol.

  3. Latrice12:49 PM

    Subrina shut that delivery down so fast that took some of the letters out of shut forward to the day that she won't shut them down so quickly.

    Subrina has not cried...i completely feel her on this, there was a time period when i wouldn't or couldn't cry but holding things in doesn't help either.

    Can't wait to see where the evidence leads.

  4. Latrice: That day is coming up, girl. There's somebody that she won't be able to shut down no matter how hard she tries.

    No, that sista ain't shared a tear yet. Not good. I'm glad you learned the value in crying sometimes. Some stuff and some people I won't waste a tear on and in that aspect I'm like Subrina.

  5. That was a smart move on Leesha part... can anyone say SUSPENSE!!!!

  6. Kim: Yes, definitely the suspense level has risen. Tee-hee. I agree. That was a smart move on Leesha's part.

  7. Anonymous2:11 PM

    ok that what you called answer pray that the book got to her. now she has the prove to taked down slimmy ricky for what he did to her best friend. thanks for the updated.

  8. Anon: Yes, that book was truly a Godsend.