Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 6.1

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  1. I know I said Subrina's reaction to Leesha's death was coming up next, but I felt it necessary to insert this section about Ricky to help clarify a few things.

    I rushed a little bit in posting, so if you see any errors, let me know. I plan to post more after 9pm tonight.

    Until then...

  2. "That truth: People will put up with bad behavior if the person misbehaving is attractive, wealthy, or talented in some way. "

    Disgustingly sad but true!

    I still don't like Ricky's behavior, and I don't really have any sympathy for him but I comprehend him.

  3. Comm/Girl: You comprehend Ricky? Good. That's one of the things I'm aiming for.

    Btw, I'm not tryna get anybody to like Ricky or even have sympathy for him. Especially when I don't myself. lol. I mainly want everyone to understand how he thinks and what makes him tick.

  4. Okay Suprina finals are over I passed and now I'm available for 2 weeks..Now back to the story That's the kind of love that Leesha and Ricky had I call it "grown folks love" and I can and will do without it.

    I feel so much pain and distress when I see women and men put up with someone disrespecting them for a word called L-O-V-E when it's not true love.

    "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud." 1 Corinthians 13:4

  5. Subrina: First of all, YAYYYYYY about passing your finals. You worked it out, girl!

    Secondly, if that's grown folks love, then I must not be grown yet. Sista wants no part of that nonsense either. Thanks for the reminder of what true love SHOULD be.

  6. Congrat!!for finish your final and passing!!!!!YOU GO GIRL!!!! GO "Subrina" GO!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!

  7. Latrice9:21 PM

    Subrina: You better preach girl that's love at it's best according to the word! Congrats on your finals!

    Suprina: I can clearly see you wanting us to understand Ricky better because sometimes it helps just knowing how a person thinks.

    Still feel sick about Leesha. Wow.

  8. Thank you Suprina and cinquetta.

  9. Congrats on passing your finals Subrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to agree with Ricky on the way some people allow the word love to betray them. To make them betray themselves in the name of LOVE.

  10. Latrice: Yes, that's exactly what I was aiming for. I'm sorry about Leesha. That really hurt me to write that. But I felt it necessary to show what can happen if we don't take the blinders off about the men/people in our lives. Thankfully every case like this does not have to end violently. Some can end victoriously.

  11. Paula: Yes, Ricky definitely had a good reason for not wanting to be in love based on the examples that he'd seen around him. But he didn't have to react so trifling about it. He could have just sent the girl back home instead of pimping her out.

  12. I agree that he should have sent her packing but what man the LOVES power would.

    When Leesha decided that she had no self respect she left herself open to the treatment she received. She lowered her standards for a MAN!

    Was she just in love with love itself?

    Because for the life of me I cannot see myself forgiving a man who cheats on me and in OUR home at that. HOW DANG GONE DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!

  13. Just want to add my congrats to the REAL Sabrina for completing her exams.....

    Woooo Hoooo! Doooo That Thannnng Lady!

  14. Paula: You'd be amazed at what some women take from men they may or may not be in love with. Sometimes strong lust will make you act like a fool, too.

    (raising my hand)

    I remember dating a guy that I KNOW wasn't good for me just because he was good in bed. I mean, REAL good. lol. I have a scar on my face today as a reminder of just how stupid I was back then (he cheated, was verbally and eventually physically abusive).

    Since then I have establish something that I call 'deal-breakers/non-negotiables'. These are simply boundaries that I set in my romantic life to keep things in harmony in the relationship.

    For instance, I will no longer put up with a man that:
    1. Hits.
    2. Cheats.
    3. Verbally abuses me.
    4. Abuse any substances, legal or prescription.

    You get my draft, Paula. Everyone has to set their own boundaries. What one woman can tolerate, other might consider it a deal-breaker.

    Hope that helped somebody today.

  15. @ 'Prina'
    Don't really know what my deal breakers are yet...

    - know I don't want physical or verbal abuse
    - no cheating
    - and do not LIE, I HATE lies even little ones! It eats away at the trust in the relationship
    - Ohhh, can't stand Hippocrates either!

  16. Comm/Girl: I think you're on the right track with your list of deal breakers.

    FYI: Deal breakers are important in other types of relationships, too.

  17. this is so deep i feel like im at a poetry reading and i need to start snapping.

    aint this some truth

    PREACH hihihihi

  18. Lilo: Snap away, my sista. LOL!

  19. Latrice12:47 PM

    Prina and Comm Girl: Love the deal breakers im in agreement with them all.

    Prina, you are so right these can be deal breakers in other relationships as well!

  20. Anonymous1:38 PM

    love if that love then what does he do when he hated someone. it sad millions of woman out her to day face this same thing every single day. i wond'er what she going to do to him for kill her best friend. thanks for the updated.

  21. Anon: You'll see what she's going to do soon enough and it ain't gonna be pretty.