Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 3.2

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  1. Okay, going to check out updates on Paula's story and then headed to bed. I'll post more Tuesday afternoon.

    Coming up next:
    ~We see what has become of Leesha since leaving California.

  2. Not sure how I should react to Salethia. Is she really that clueless to the damage her words have on her daughter?

    I am VERY happy that Subrina found the courage to accept herself for who she is.

    I am sure that as the story go along I will grow to dislike Salethia more.

  3. Paula: Salethia is really that clueless. I know it's possible for someone to be that way because my daughter acts that way sometimes.

    Yep, my baby girl has a tendency to speak before thinking things through, despite her good heart. Thus she ends up having folks mad with her and having to do a lot of apologizing after she realizes the error of her ways. I thought she would outgrow that bluntness and impulsive speaking, but at 22 she has only slowed it down, not stopped altogether. See why I need prayer. lol.

    As for growing to dislike Salethia more as the story progresses, you probably will. But maybe she'll have her own light bulb moment and make it easier for us to like her. Cami did, remember?

  4. Latrice2:15 PM

    Ok, love the self-check moment that Subrina had at the beginning of her conversation with Selethia.

    Love the fact that Subrina channeled her energy or anger in a different direction other than food realizing and admitting the long term affects. Something for all of us to think about.

    SELETHIA- I DONT LIKE HER, I DONT LIKE HER, I DONT LIKE HER! This little wench invoked some real rough feelings in me, interesting enough, my birth mother is just as she is, even now. PRINA- please tell me that Selethia is going to have a light bulb moment??? So many people endure this same treatment and they simply live with it, it eats them up and some people are never delivered from people in the sense that they start to love themselves despite what others say. And one more thing, Even though Leesha's marriage may very well fail, who is she to speak such a thing over somebody's life. OHHHHHHHHHHHh that got next to me. Keep it coming girl, this story is going to be a whopper!

  5. Latrice: I understand your feelings about Salethia. But do you really want me to tell you what happened to her and spoil all the fun of finding out later? Don't answer that. lol. I'll just keep mum on the issue and let you see what happens as we go along.

    I'm sorry that things are the way they are with you mother. Maybe one day she'll have her light bulb moment.

    And yes, Salethia was wrong for speaking evil over somebody else's union. She wouldn't want anyone to do that to her.

  6. "But then again, most rash talking people were clueless in this area. They simply didn’t see the value of really thinking before they spoke."

    ... Yah! Why is that!? And God FORBID you be rash back!? They get really shocked then!

    "Times like these also caused Subrina to remember what was really behind her mother’s constant scolding – fear. "

    ... That is is it! You said it! Good word! I RECEIVE DAT!!!!

    "Subrina just shook her head. It amazed her how utterly clueless her mother was to the impact of her words and actions at times."

    ... I agree with Paula and Latrice. I REFUSE to believe that she did know... maybe didn't CARE to know... there is a difference!! Prina, I know you think your daughter is clueless, but you already know how I feel about that one. (smerk) Never the less... I hope to like Salethia as the story proceeds.

    Good point Latrice, "Who is she to talk bad about someone's marriage!" Humph!

    "temporary fix to her problems"

    ... begone with temporary fixes in my OWN life! I want long term or nothing at all!

    I feel like I should be taking notes!!!

  7. Comm/Girl: I know how you feel about that and I agree, she's not clueless ALL the time. But sometimes you just know she has no idea of the impact of her words and actions. That she acted before thinking and weighing the costs. I passed that trait on to Subrina's mother and turned it up a few notches. lol.

    I feel like I should be taking notes from y'all. In fact, I am taking notes and adding certain nuggets right into the story. lol. Y'all are dropping all kinds of wisdom and it's just Chapter 4.

  8. Latrice9:42 PM

    Community Girl you just blessed me, I'm in agreement with you No MORE temporary fixes! I receive that

  9. Hey been out of action for so long... been channelling my reading into my ghastly TEXTBOOKS!!! so much reading to catch up on... gosh Selethia attitude is disappointing, i wonder when mothers will realise the impact of their hurtful words *sigh sigh*

  10. Kim: Welcome back! Your time away was time well spent. Sometimes I think mother forget that they weren't always mothers. That they were once children, too, and wouldn't want anyone talking to them like that.

  11. Anonymous1:08 PM

    one mintue her mother all sweet and love then she right back putting her down that mom for you. i hear what she saying that why i started losing weight did't wanted to have a heart attack or stroke myself. lol yeah you have to sing to get thu work outs other wise you going to sit and use your hand for the remot as work out lol. like the story girl glad you post it. thanks for the updated.

  12. Anon: Those are the same reasons I started taking the weight off. It's coming off too slow though, but that's my own fault. lol.