Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Girls - Prologue - Pt. 1

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  1. I haven't officially started posting yet. I'm just using this as primarily a test post to make sure the font, font size, and format looks presentable on the site.

    Posting officially begins on Monday.

  2. Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are like a kid on Christmas Morning and I am like a proud parent watching you open you gifts.

    You know you want to start early and believe me will all want you too. LOL


  3. Paula: *cheesy grin* And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

  4. "unwittingly siding with the enemies of her self-esteem."

    Deep... very deep

  5. Comm/Girl: that I think about that quote a little bit more, I realize that it is deep. Wow! Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

  6. Latrice9:39 PM

    I already know this is going to be the business. I'm loving this gift already. Big girls we're about to be liberated on all levels!!!!!

  7. Latrice: I certainly hope and pray that we all get liberated during this story. It's been a long time coming.

  8. oh yeah this is gonna be a good one, i can definitely sense it...

    so glad u writing this book and i already love subrina... just coz she's strong and took control of her life... big ups gf!!!!
    Its helping me to love my extra puppy fat... still struggling to shed the weight after the baby:(

  9. Kim: I'm sensing the same least hoping so. This story definitely has a different vibe from all the others.

    I'm glad you're loving Subrina. I wanted her to be very strong for the work she has ahead of her.

    As for loving your extra puppy fat, I can so identify with that. Although I'm struggling to take off some extra pounds myself, I'm determined to love myself just the way I am every step of the way.

    Who says that we have to hate ourselves until we reach our weight goals anyway? I'm so not buying that foolishness.

  10. you said it girl... btw i luuuuuurve the new hair do... looking smart!

  11. Kim: Thanks, girl!

  12. "Big girls about to be liberated on all levels"

    TRUE DAT~! great start

  13. Lilo: Glad you decided to join us, girl. Enjoy!

  14. latrina smith12:22 PM

    i hate men who put down a woman about her weight it bad enought that we do it we don't need ass holes to put us down. i'm glad she has a friend who has her back no matter what. hate how her mother treat her thank goodness my mom never did that.

  15. Latrina: Heyyyyy, Trina! I'm thrilled that you finally decided to join us. I hope you have fun at my Secular blog.

    For everybody who don't know, I met Trina on another site where I was a guest writer featuring some of my freebies. We clicked instantly, started emailing each other, and the rest is history.

    Welcome abroad, Trina!

    As for your comments, I hate when guys do that, too. Like they're so perfect to be putting somebody else down. (scoffs) Please!