Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 9.2

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  1. Going to respond to comments now.

    Coming up next:
    ~ Caesar and Subrina/Bree finally meet.

  2. I can't wait to find out what kind of explosion gonna happen when they finally comes face to face.

  3. Subrina: Explosion is the operative word. LOL!!!!

  4. I am back! I woke from 13hr sleep feast. That's what I get for working 3days 12hr shift. i am digressing enough of them. 1st comment: I understand 10% Salethia statements about her daughter appearence in a way she was trying to give Subrina a comperment. It was in bad taste but I get it. Subrina could have least stay for father benefit and over look her Mother misguide words. 2nd That's big freak sandwick Andre the green giant couldn't eat that whole sandwick. 3rd Caesar is growing up. He knows his flaws good for him. I notice most of women in this story are strong career-mind take charge females. Heck they don't need a man they just like to have one. They can take it or leave it!
    IMHO the government should legalize prostitution economic sound and victimless crime. Plus jailhouse would have more room for harden criminals. I am off my soapbox and ready for more drama.

  5. Cinquetta: I'm glad you had a good rest. I caught up on a lot of sleep today too. Didn't know how tired I was. It's been quite a week.

    Now on to your comments. Comments that may or may not set off a huge discussion because there are so many conflicting views about prostitution. lol.

    I'm personally against the legalization of prostitution and prostitution itself. Although people are certainly free to do whatever they want with their own physical bodies (and such legalization would certainly make room in our jails like you said), I tend to look at the emotional and spiritual side affects of things.

    We, particularly women, are emotionally and spiritually affected by every sexual encounter we have, whether we are aware of it or not. Each man literally leaves something behind in our souls. Most times the things left behind are not good things and they leave us broken inside. Fragmented. Pretty soon we don't know who we are inside anymore, as if we ever did before, and eventually find ourselves in need of restoration on so many levels.

    Okay, getting off my soapbox now. lol. FYI: I go into this in more detail later in the book.

    PS. I kinda thought Subrina should have stayed for her stepfather's sake, too. But she didn't trust herself not to go off on her mother even worse so in the end it was wise to just leave the party after all.

    If you're still up, another post is about to hit at 3am.

  6. Cinquetta: There was something else you said that I wanted to comment on. That part about there being so many strong women in this story, who can take or leave a man. I'm glad you noticed that.

    Too often we read and even write (I'm guilty of this too) stories where the man is following the role of Prince Charming who steps in to rescue Cinderella from poverty, mistreatment, etc... This time around I wanted to write about a woman that had her own money, who wasn't looking for a man to rescue her and/or didn't need one to anyway.

    In this story, Caesar might still act like Prince Charming when it comes to helping Subrina learn to laugh and love again, but know that she would have eventually gotten there on her own, especially with that wonderful grandmother of hers around. lol.

  7. Latrice3:40 PM

    Cinquetta: I'm with you on the strong women, thanks for pointing that out. I believe I was focusing so much on Subrina's strength that I failed to see that most of these women are strong in their own rights.

    I'm not for the legalization of prostitution either but like Suprina said people will do what they choose. I tend to look at the spiritual effects as well.

    I can't wait to see how you address restoration later on. So many of us are in need of this on so many levels.

    I didn't really have an opinion about Subrina staying or leaving but I can see how maybe she could have stayed for the sake of her dad but leaving may have been better for the sake of herself.
    It made me pose this question:

    Do I stay for the sake of others and risk the sake of me?

  8. Latrice3:52 PM

    One more thing I thought about in this section: The two sisters: Wow, what a difference. Proof that you can come from the same place but it doesn't mean you have to end up in the same place.

  9. Latrice: "Do I stay for the sake of others and risk the sake of me?" Wow that's a powerful question.

    So true about the sisters. I've seen that situation in my own family.

  10. Anonymous2:50 PM

    wow i dont' know how i feel if my family own a place business like that i proably had the reaction she just did. my mom use to say all the time the only things she got out of our fathers were her children. thanks for the updated.

  11. Anon: I've heard that saying from a lot of women when it comes to their baby daddies. Sad. Men really need to step up.