Tuesday, May 19, 2009

VOD - Free Pass!

You want to read the rest of The Professor, but your money looking funny right now? Or maybe you got exchange rate issues from another country, making it impossible to join us on the VOD.

Don’t give up hope.

You can now gain FREE access to the VOD for the current story. Just be the first to answer the following question (Answer must be put in the comment section. Contest ends May 31st or sooner if someone wins before deadline.):

Question: What are the first names (it’s okay to use nicknames) of the 6 main men that ruled Enfield’s drug game in my Mr., Mrs. and Miss trilogy?

Contest Rules:

  1. The first person to answer correctly wins.
  2. Comment times will be used to determine the winner.
  3. Those already signed up for the VOD are not eligible to participate directly in this contest for obvious reasons, but you can indirectly help a friend to win by giving him/her the answer to post in the comment section under his/her own name.


  1. Ashleigh Robinson1:11 AM


  2. Ashleigh: You're exactly right. You won, girl! Yay!!!!!

    All I need you to do now is email me at suprinafrazier@yahoo.com so that I can reply to you with your VOD access.

    After you do that, you should be reading the rest of the story in no time. The story's still going on, so if you read fast, you can still catch up with the rest of us.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the VOD!

  3. lol that was fast. congrats. hihi