Friday, May 1, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 34.1

Fresh from a shower, Baron dried off and climbed into bed with nothing on the way he usually slept at night. Using the black remote from the glass topped nightstand nearby, he prepared to spend his last night as a single man alone watching a boxing match on television.

Before his shower, Baron placed a call to his brother Count to let him know that the wedding was still on for tomorrow. This was the same brother that he’d used as a sounding board about Aurelia for months now.

Count had been just as encouraging as ever tonight. He knew how much Baron loved Aurelia. How long he’d waited to have her again. Count also knew how their other brothers, namely Earl and Marquess, had almost blown things for Baron and his ladylove. That’s why he advised his baby brother to wait until the last minute to tell their parents.

Baron heeded that wise advice. Like Count, he knew that his mother would go shouting to the world about his nuptials once she found out. When he finally called her an hour ago, that’s exactly what Ana Maria proposed to do.

So excited about Baron being in love again and especially to the point of actually getting married, Ana Maria told him to expect a big congratulations party in Bel Air when he and Aurelia returned to the states. After they had settled back into their work and school schedules first, of course.

Nicolas, his father, enthusiastically seconded that motion. Like Ana Maria, he thought Baron would remain a bachelor for the rest of his life after that Megan situation. To hear their baby boy genuinely happy about plunging headfirst into matrimony again was a clear sign that his heart had truly healed.

Baron was definitely that – healed.

After that call with his parents, there was no need to call the rest of his family with the news of his pending nuptials. Ana Maria would do that, the same way she’d helped to spread the word about Aurelia’s perfume.

In order to keep any naysayers out of his ears, namely Earl and Marquess, Baron turned his cell phone off for the remainder of the night. No one and nothing would change his mind about marrying Aurelia. She was going to be his wife and that was that.


Baron smiled just thinking about her now. His body stirred in anticipation of making love to her again. The boxing match on TV soon became a forgotten entity.

I wish she was here right now. Oh the things I would do to that woman, Baron thought, moaning aloud. Just as his mind began to go wild with sensual possibilities, there was a knock on his hotel room door.

Leaving his comfortable bed, Baron put on a robe and went to answer the door. When he opened it a few seconds later, saw Aurelia in a short white dress with a plunging neckline that reached almost down to her navel, all he could say was…


“Baron, I came to—” Aurelia never got to finish her statement.

At the sight of her in that dress, Baron yanked her into the room, slammed the door, and ravished her mouth right up against the wall.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. Jessie9:50 AM

    We all knew that reaction was coming. He is one sex deprived man that wants his women.

  2. Jessie: He's 'bout to get her, too. lol. I'll be back with more after I finished writing and editing the next scene.

  3. Oh, it's bout to get goood - lol

  4. he probably thinks his dreaming... wishing she was there with him and next thing he knows she is!!!

  5. Jrboss: Don't be such a stranger, girl. I miss talking to you. Carmel B, too, haven't heard from her in a few days either.

    Kim: Yep! LOL