Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 39.2

While a now fully dressed Baron used his cell phone to make calls from the master bedroom, Aurelia used the hotel phone to order room service. She ordered blueberry pancakes, a mushroom omelet, milk, and fresh fruit for her son. The grownups were ordered hot cereal, eggs, fresh bread, fruit, and bush tea. The latter was a traditional beverage enjoyed among islanders for it was not only delicious, but could also be used for medicinal purposes.

Done with her call, Aurelia finished dressing under the watchful eyes of her husband. Baron licked his lips from the time she slipped the royal-blue drop waist dress over her red lacy lingerie to the time she slipped her pedicured feet in a pair of red and royal-blue stilettos. This was just one of many outfits that he handpicked for her during his week on the island.

So enchanted with Aurelia’s grooming habits, Baron could barely concentrate on his call. After asking the realtor to repeat something twice, he politely concluded the call until a more convenient time. Preferably a time when he was less distracted.

“Come here,” Baron whispered upon laying his cell phone down on the nightstand.

Aurelia shook her head. “No,” she replied huskily from her place in front of the mirrored closet doors.

One of Baron’s brows rose. “No?” His mind immediately began to race with possible reasons for her refusal, despite the fact that she was shaking like a leaf with desire from all the ardent attention he’d shown her over the last few minutes. “Is it the my-mother-and-son-are-in-the-next-room-thing again?” He frowned, coming up with the most logical conclusion.

“No,” Aurelia replied and briefly turned back to the mirrors to fix her fresh micro-braided tresses. “It’s the I-don’t-think-you’re-ready-for-this-jelly thing,” she added in a challenge, smiling sensually over her left shoulder as she heartily jiggled her bottom in the short dress.

Baron moaned and sprung to his feet. “Baby, I’m ready for whatever you got on the menu.” He grinned, taking long strides towards her. He turned on the TV en route.

Within seconds, the back of Aurelia’s dress was promptly pushed up. Other clothing was maneuvered around. Whatever it took to unite them, Baron’s hands were quick to get the job done.

The pace started off steady and strong. Power thrusts went both ways. 'You take this - I’ll take that' was the name of this game.

The up-against-the-closet-doors quickie soon turned into an actual game. All throughout, Baron and Aurelia joked with one another while their hips communicated more serious matters for their ultimate pleasure.

“Am I ready now?” he asked, sounding like the guy from the Verizon Wireless commercial. He followed up his question with a power move.

“What?” she replied, mimicking Dave Chappelle trying to sound like Lil Jon, even as she returned that power move and added a sensual grind at the end.

Baron moaned. “Am I ready now?” he asked, issuing another power move, a grind, and then am unexpected roll of the hips.

Aurelia moaned this time. “What?” she panted out in her own voice, continuing to look back at him as she arched her lower body for more of his unique brand of loving.

“Am…I…ready…for…this…jelly…now, baby?” Baron reiterated, dragging out his words in the same slow way he dragged his pelvic across her bottom before slamming into her.

“Ye-ah,” she moaned out, closing her eyes as the trembles in her body intensified. Her hands curled into fists on the doors ahead. Her toes curled in her shoes.

“Okayyy,” Baron replied, mimicking Lil Jon now, thereby proving that hip-hop had truly made its way into Bel Air homes.

Then sensing the urgency of the moment, he captured Aurelia’s lips in a heated kiss. Had he not covered her mouth at that exact moment, she would have screamed out her pleasure at the top of her lungs. The intense clenching, the violent shudder, and the strong muffled sounds she made as she went over the edge confirmed that fact.

Going over the edge soon thereafter, Baron continued to hold her trembling frame close as the long kiss ended and their breathing patterns tried to return to normal. One hand supported her pliable frame. The other caressed her torso in a soothing manner, squeezing and kneading along the way.

When they could breathe normally again, Aurelia thought for sure Baron was going to disengage them to freshen up before breakfast arrived. No, the unpredictable man disengaged them only to turn her around, place her hands above her head on the closet doors, release her ripe melons, and then lower his mouth to feast.

Aurelia let out a contented sigh and arched her body closer to him. A woman didn’t find too many men who practiced after-play. Baron not only practiced it, he was a master at it.

Letting out a low moan, Aurelia watched his gorgeous pink lips engulf one brown sugar treat after the other. The fire of passion began to kindle within her again, within both of them as she looked further down and saw the current state of Baron’s body.

Suddenly there was a knock on the outer door.

“Room service!”

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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The dress Aurelia wore:


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A funny video that inspired my warped sense of humor in this post (lol. I thought it was funny):


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Mirrored sliding doors I referred to in post (I’m really thinking about getting them in my next house. :P)


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Baron and Aurelia are intense. They will be expecting a baby by the time Megan show up if they do not slow down. LOL

  2. Paula: Why slow down now? Look how long it took for them to get together.

  3. Now that's what I'm talking about...Whew!!!...I need a cold shower be back later...rofl...Just kidding.

  4. Subrina: LOL!!! By the way, beautiful picture you sent me of you and your daughter today. That girl is growing up.

  5. these guys just can't seem to get enough of 1 another.... dang!

    i luurve the dress!