Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 44.1

With his stomach now full and his body thoroughly sated, Baron turned on a boxing match and then reclined on his bed to watch it. His hands were folded comfortably behind his head. A contented smile was upon his face. He looked euphoric as he lounged there.

He was. What man wouldn’t be happy with a wife like Aurelia?

In the adjoining bathroom, Aurelia also had a euphoric look upon her face. She’d never been happier. In fact, she kept smiling at her reflection as she stood in front of the large vanity mirror redoing a few braids that had loosened during her steamy tryst downstairs and subsequent shower.

On Aurelia’s body was a black charmeuse robe made of the most lightweight silk available to man. It stopped right at her thighs and had a plunging back panel of lace. This was yet another piece of lingerie that Baron picked out for her.

On the long wide countertop in front of Aurelia were various hair care products needed to keep her braids properly maintained. A universal remote to the flat screen television in the bathroom also sat nearby. That was the thing she reached for once she was done with the current braid.

As Aurelia changed the channel to another CSI episode, she suddenly realized that all of the televisions in the house used the same type of remote control. And just as suddenly that prankster side of her stirred to life.

Smiling mischievously, Aurelia tiptoed to the bathroom door and pointed the remote to the TV in the bedroom.


“What?!” Baron exclaimed from the bed, having just missed a great uppercut. He immediately reached for his remote and changed the channel back to the boxing match.

Aurelia stifled a giggle with her free hand. She counted a full ten seconds before turning the channel again.


“What in the world is going on with this TV tonight?” Baron said, changing the channel back to the boxing match yet again.

Tears sprung to Aurelia’s eyes as she clasped her mouth tighter, trying to restrain the giggles. She sagged against the wall as merriment weakened her ability to stand upright on her own.

After waiting ten more seconds, Aurelia changed the channel in the next room once again. When she heard Baron utter what sounded like a Spanish expletive, one of few that she ever heard him speak, she had to clasp both hands over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Even still a few snickers escaped.

“Had enough fun tormenting me tonight?” Baron said, standing in the doorway a few seconds later with a knowing smirk on his face.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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Aurelia’s robe:

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  1. Paula: I told y'all I was gonna make you laugh with this book. Or at least try to make you laugh. lol.

  2. I just know am being set up...this is too good to last...I just know it and am just sayn...