Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roll Call

If you’ve been following the story (regardless of when you joined us), please leave your first name or initials in the comment area. No need to say anything more since I know many of you are blog shy. For those who want to say more, you most certainly can. I’d love to know where you’re hailing from as well.

Why am I asking this?

To get a feel for how many folks we have on board the current story. The counter stats keep showing record-breaking hits on the blog, but it does not show me how many people are actually making those hits.

So please stand up and be counted. Let me know that my 12 regular commentators are not the only ones reading along. That those precious dozen really aren’t sending the stats up so high by refreshing the screen 50+ times a day, although that can happen. I’ve done it myself on favorite blogs. lol.

Thanks a bunch.



  1. Jessie11:35 PM

    Baron is going to end up breaking his promise to not have sex before the honeymoon because he is like an staved man.

  2. Jessie: lol. No comment.

  3. lol i have faith he can hold it for a few more hours. i dont know about aurelia though. she is just as starved as he is especially after she was able to get reassurance on alot of emotional baggage.

  4. Anonymous6:11 AM


  5. i love this story!!! cant wait to read the rest! :)

  6. Winda.....Loving Baron, can I have one...LOL

  7. Corina - Boise, ID USA :D

  8. Anonymous1:50 PM

    ~Evelyn M. - Ft. Worth, TX

  9. I like this story... read it some 8 months back. didn't bookmark or remembered the story title too. but searched hard for past months n am delighted to find itz continuation.

    Felt my hard search was worth the story i read each day now.

    Thanx suprina.

  10. Wow!!!! You guys are really stepping up to the plate, aren't you? Signing in from all over the world (Italy, Idaho, Texas etc..).

    Keep it up and I might even post Monday's posts day earlier.

    P.S. Winda: If I find out where they're giving Barons out, I'll let you know. lol.

    Atom: Glad you finally found me. Don't forget to bookmark the site this time.

  11. Yeah I did bookmark this time.

    I trully admire your consistency and dedication in delivering the story each day, never failing any expectation. I am proud to know ya suprina.

    Thanx n wish u best.

    - himagni, India

  12. yours truly... miss south africa - kim!!!
    i've been out of action, going to catch up quickly with the older posts!!!
    you know how much i love a good interesting STORY!!!!
    and yes i'm GUILTY, i refresh like 100 times a day - oops!

  13. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Enjoying this book as I have some of your other ones.

  14. We got India and S. Africa on board. I think Lilo is from Holland. Don't know where Anon is from. Either way, this story has definitely gone INTERNATIONAL.

    P.S. Atom: I'm proud to know you, too! Matter of fact, I'm proud to know all of you.

  15. Anonymous4:30 PM

    O.O. from've got a way with words...enjoying the story...

  16. Anonymous4:50 PM

    O.O. posting from Sudan: I am enjoying the story and let me just say you've got a way with words...

  17. We have Sudan in the house!

    Welcome abroad O.O. And thanks for the compliment. Glad you're enjoying the story.

  18. Cinquetta here I know I am little later but I am here. Don't forget to count me in......HEY!!!!!!!

  19. Cinquetta: You're never forgotten, girl!

  20. BettyBoo2:59 PM

    Love! Love! Looooove this story! I'm so happy for Barion and Aurelia and I hope they stay strong together despite whatever drama might come their way!

    Thanks for the story
    Helloooos from Sweden!

  21. BettyBoo: Woo-hoo! Sweden in the house!

    I'm so glad you're loving the story. And yes, Baron and Aurelia eventually have their HEA (Happily Ever After).

  22. Hi, I'm from San Antonio Tx. I love Baron and Aurelia's story. I was happy she didn't take her mom's advice and not tell him. That is not the way to start off their life together!! I was even more pleased when he didn't turn tail and leave after she told him about Trent. this is a wonderful story!!

  23. Wanda: Another Texan in the house. Welcome!

    I'm thrilled that you're enjoying A & B's story so much. And yes, Aurelia followed her own conscience on that Trent issue and it worked out for her. Yay!

    Baron is made of the good stuff to stick around and willingly be stepdad.

    Thanks for commenting.

  24. loving the story but am in luuuuuuuv wit Baron...he did not do a 'Usain Bolt" wen he heard abt Trent..


  25. Kenya is in the house! Yay! Thanks for leaving a comment, Waboni. Baron is one of my favorite male characters, too.

    P.S. You know I had to look up Usain Bolt, because I truly didn't know what you were talking about with that name. lol. Turns out he's a sprinter with several Olympic gold medals under his belt.

    I so understand your comment better now. tee-hee. And no, Baron did not take off running when he found out about Trent. Thanks for provoking me to learn something new. :)

  26. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I just found this story and I love it! RLS -Takoma Park,MD

  27. Anonymous12:10 AM

    First started reading this story on the Valent Chamber - Tracey, Atlanta, GA

  28. We got Maryland and Georgia in the house. Woot! Thanks for leaving a comment.