Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 35.2

“Y…you’re absolutely right, Baron. Stepfatherhood is a lot ta ask any man ta take on,” Aurelia said, getting up from the disheveled bed. She could take a hint. Clearly the wedding was off. It was time to go home and live in the real world again.

“Thanks for de wonderful memories. It was fun while it lasted,” Aurelia concluded, wiping tears from her cheeks as she bent to pick up her dress from the floor. She had no idea where her underwear was. Didn’t really care at the moment.

“Wonderful memories? Fun while it lasted?” Baron repeated, pausing in his tracks near the table and two chairs of the sitting area. “What are you talking about, woman?” He frowned. “And why are you crying?”

Standing upright now, Aurelia cocked her head to the side and just gawked at him for a few silent seconds. Why did he look just as confused as her? Could she have misunderstood Baron yet again?

Aurelia was more than ready to find out. In fact, the fate of her future happiness depended upon it. “Didn’t you just break up with me because of the whole stepfather thing?” she asked, blinking her eyes free to look at him more clearly.

Baron’s eyes bucked this time. “Absolutely not!” he replied, forgoing the bottled water he wanted from the stainless steel champagne bucket on the table and stalked towards what he wanted a thousand times more.

“You d…didn’t?” Those words sputtered from Aurelia’s trembling lips even as fresh tears entered the windows of her eyes. The dress in her shaky hands slipped back to the floor unnoticed.

“No,” he said firmly. “All I did was state the obvious - stepfatherhood is a lot to ask any man to sign up for. However, I’m not just any man as you should very well know by now. I don’t shrink from challenges or responsibilities. Some would even say that I run towards them, regardless of the risk to myself. Didn’t my intervention in Rhoda’s assault teach you anything about my character? And I don’t even like her.”

Baron cupped Aurelia’s face tenderly in his large hands and continued. “But I love you, baby. And because of that love, I’ll gladly be Trent’s big brother figure until you decide that it’s time for me to be his stepfather figure. Neither of you will have to fear the likes of Oliver Jean-Baptiste ever again, even after the truth finally comes out to the world,” he reassured her.

Wonder danced in Aurelia’s glossy eyes. She swallowed hard before speaking. “You really do love me, don’t you?” she said with happy tears rolling down her cheeks now.

“Yes, I do.” Baron smiled and gently wiped her tears away with his long fingers. “So will you still be my wife tomorrow?”

“Oh, yes!” Aurelia grinned with eyes of joy. “Now let me show you how much I love you, too,” she said, leading him by the hand over to a nearby chair. It was time for a new round of lovemaking to begin.

Aurelia wasted no time straddling Baron once he sat down. Not chest to chest, mind you. But rather back to chest in order to switch things up a bit from the norm.

Poised to make them one again, Aurelia proceeded to move her hips counterclockwise…




Then they went clockwise…




The constant repetition of that unique rhythm had Baron’s eyes rolling in the back of his head, his teeth biting down hard on his bottom lip, and his tongue wagging out of his mouth. He looked about ready to lose his mind.

He really lost it when Aurelia started a new rhythm. This one was even better than the last. With short twists of her hips to each side followed by hard thrusts downward, she popped, locked, and dropped it upon his lap…over and over again. Those dancing girls in that Huey rap video had nothing on Aurelia.

Oh, the howls. The screams…coming from the both of them.

Ready to give back in a big way, Baron held Aurelia’s hips still against him, immediately placing her on the receiving end. Then with lightning fast hips, he…




With squeals of delight, she…




When Baron relaxed his hold on Aurelia, they both became as untamed as some of the animals he studied on his nature hikes. Sweat poured from their slick bodies. Unbridled ecstasy couldn’t help but unfold in the presence of these fervent lovers.

Aurelia went over the edge first with another loud scream. As Baron followed closely behind her, he actually started to moo like a cow.


Blame it on Aurelia and the way she kept using her clenching canal to milk him for all she was worth.

When it was over and they could breathe normally again, Baron whispered that they were getting married in the morning instead of in the evening as planned.

“Why the sudden change?” Aurelia asked as she continued to lounge in his lap sideways this time, snuggling against his glistening hairy chest. “I’m not protesting the change. I’m just curious as to why it exists,” she clarified, wanting there to be no further misunderstandings between them.

“After what you just did to me, I need to take you off the market quicker.” Baron blew out a satisfied breath. “Because there’s no way I’m going to risk losing you to some other guy so he can get that kind of royal treatment. No way. No how.”

Aurelia chuckled. “There’s no other man on this earth that I want more than you.”

“That’s certainly good to know. Even so, I’m still marrying you come daylight,” Baron said decisively. “Now let’s get you into a nice hot soothing bath. I want everything to be in prime working order again for our real honeymoon.”

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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