Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 41.1

The day after Christmas, which was yet another long day of shopping, Aurelia called a halt to all the spending. “Baron, you’re spoiling us rotten. It’s too much. I don’t want Trent to start thinking of you as some kind of Santa Claus or worse becoming ungrateful,” she said, putting the designer luggage in her hands near the closet.

“But everything I bought you and your family was needed,” Baron countered, kicking their hotel room door closed behind him. “The house, food, clothes, furniture, insurance, Mama Emile’s new car, Trent’s new tutor, and your new luggage were all necessities,” he said, putting the larger baggage pieces in his hands on the floor beside the door. He’d make room in the closet for them later.

“I know, but even then you went overboard,” Aurelia replied, sitting down on the side of the bed to remove her shoes and rub her tired feet. “I mean, you packed out every corner of our new kitchen and pantries with food, the utilities for both houses are paid six months in advance, and Mama and Trent have enough clothes for all seasons, not just the one we’re currently in. And that new tutor that my son loves so much didn’t have to be a retired professor from the local university. It could have been a competent stay-at-home mother who is already home-schooling her own children.” She pointed to the navy-blue designer luggage and added, “And I could have gotten new luggage from a regular department store, not some fancy boutique that didn’t even have price tags on its wares.”

“Only the best for my family,” Baron replied, showing no remorse for his purchases. “Tomorrow your uncle and I are going to trade in the truck your mother gave him and get a minivan. Which Sam and Gladys desperately need for all those children they have. As for you and me, we still have more furniture to buy for our first island home. If you recall, every room is furnished except for our bedroom, which is the second reason you and I are still in this hotel room.” The primary reason the newlyweds hadn’t joined Emile and Trent at the new house yet was out of a need for nighttime privacy during the rest of their honeymoon.

“Aaugh!” Aurelia threw her hands up in exasperation and headed for the bathroom. It was time to relax in the tub and soak her aching feet.

Baron just chuckled, loving the fact that she wasn’t so materialistic. It made him want to give to her even more.

Hmmm…that bracelet I saw earlier would be perfect for her pretty little wrists, Baron thought, recalling a piece of jewelry from the hotel gift shop. He quickly scribbled a note to his wife and left.

As Baron headed downstairs, he had no idea that he was about to encounter an enemy, both old and new.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. I am not happy at all with this encounter that is about to take place.

    Is this Cain rearing his ugly rich head?

  2. Paula: You'll see in a few minutes. Then you're gonna have even more questions.