Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 37.1

Baron did right to marry Aurelia on Friday morning instead of that afternoon. Had he stuck with his original plans, they might not have gotten married at all that day. An unexpected storm threatened the area, causing all evening weddings and scheduled Crucian festivities to be canceled until further notice.

That winter storm also caused Aurelia’s mother and brother to have to temporarily relocate due to flooding issues in their low-lying neighborhood. Usually they went to Gladys and Samuel’s house to wait out the storm since they lived on a more elevated part of the island. But not tonight.

Tonight Emile and Trent were staying in one of the best hotels on the island per Baron’s firm request. It just didn’t sit right within his soul for him and Aurelia to be living in the lap of luxury while her closest relatives were residing in a crowded three-bedroom house with eight other people.

Unfortunately for the newlyweds, there were no available rooms at the hotel due to the surge of tourists that had flown in for the Christmas festival from all over the world. Which meant Baron and Aurelia had to share their honeymoon suite with her family.

Fortunately, it was a two-bedroom suite. The master bedroom contained a king-sized bed, sitting area, and full bath. The second bedroom contained two queen-sized beds and a full bath, which is where Emile and Trent would sleep tonight.

After making sure their guests had eaten to their heart’s delight and were comfortably watching television in the next room, Aurelia and Baron retired to the master suite. As soon as the door was closed and locked behind them, Baron became frisky. He pulled Aurelia into his arms, captured her lips in a fervent kiss, and roamed over her curves with his hands.

Coming up for air a few minutes later, Aurelia was amazed at how quickly Baron could distract her. She’d completely forgotten all about her family in the next room just that fast. “Let’s tone it down a bit tonight,” she said breathlessly, withdrawing from him to remove the brown satin robe that he bought for her earlier today. Underneath was a matching gown that accented her curves to perfection.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to do that,” Baron replied, looking ravenously at her as he removed his robe as well. His robe belonged to the hotel. Underneath it was a pair of black satin pajamas, which had been purchased at the same time as his wife’s brown honeymoon gear.

“We have to, Baron. My family is in the next room,” Aurelia whispered, draping her robe over the back of a nearby chair before heading for the bed. “And you know how loud we get. I would be so embarrassed if they heard the wrong kind of squeaking coming from this bed tonight.”

Amusement and amazement saturated Baron’s eyes. He couldn’t believe how shy and modest she was behaving right now, considering what she used to do for a living. Considering some of the things they’d done in front of a whole room full of people.

Had Aurelia been bolder then because most of those people had been strangers? People she never intended to see again? Was this sudden shyness because the people in close vicinity now were her family members? After all, she certainly hadn’t seemed to mind his family being around that night in Cabo.

“First of all, outside of physical abuse situations, there is no wrong kind of squeaking from the bed of a married couple,” Baron replied, speaking just as discreetly low as she had. “Secondly, if you recall, practically all of my brothers were in the next room during our first time. They and everybody else in that room got a full earful of our rowdiness. Crystal got so worried about all the shouting and yelling that she sent Count and Dingo to check on you.” He moved to drape his robe over a different chair in the sitting area.

Aurelia gasped. Her eyes bucked. “I forgot dey were even in de next room dat night. Did Count and Dingo…” She paused to swallow. “…check on me?”

“Yes, with the extra key my brother had. But they didn’t stay long,” Baron assured her. He could tell she was getting upset by her change in accent and facial expressions. “According to Count, they quickly realized that we both were fine and closed the door again.”

“So dey actually saw us, too?” Aurelia looked horrified now. “Dat’s it. I’m not doing anyting tonight.” She plopped down on the side of the bed with the heat of embarrassment flaming in her cheeks. It was one thing to dance half-naked in front of others, but to actually be caught in the act of sex was downright humiliating for her.

“Nothing at all?” Baron asked with wide eyes of his own now.

“Zilch,” Aurelia replied firmly, folding her arms across her chest. “Last night and dat quickie we had over breakfast dis morning will just have ta hold us both ‘til tomorrow.”

Baron’s mouth went into a straight line. Cloaked in silence now, he looked down at his aroused body and then at the beautiful woman sitting on the bed. He quickly came to one conclusion – something had to happen in this room…tonight!

Somehow Baron had to get Aurelia’s need for consummation to match his own. Suddenly he knew exactly how to do it, too.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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