Friday, May 8, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 45.1

Two days later, Count and Jenny came to visit the Alcove Weavers. They were in the area on business and wanted to stop in for dinner and a few hours of fellowship before heading back to Bel Air. Count also wanted a good look at and a good drive in Aurelia’s VW that Baron paid to have restored while they were still in the V.I.

While Count and Jenny took the car for a spin around town, Baron cooked dinner for them all. Aurelia acted as his sous chef. She chopped, diced, and organized all the raw ingredients that went into the meal. Together they made a perfect culinary team. As a result, the meal was ready and waiting for their relatives by the time they returned from their drive.

“Aurelia, I noticed that the house and even the furniture is still the same as it was before,” Jenny said over dessert, finally changing the subject from cars. That particular subject had dominated the first part of mealtime thanks to Count’s infatuation with their sister-in-law’s classic vehicle. “Although it might be a bit premature to ask this, do you have any future plans to redecorate?”

“I plan to do more reorganizing than redecorating since I really like the layout of the house and the furniture placements,” Aurelia replied from her place at the end of the oval-shaped mahogany table.

Jenny smiled proudly. “I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that,” she said, forsaking her delicious strawberry shortcake for the moment.

Baron chuckled from the head of the table. “You would be glad. Especially since you’re the one that decorated the house in the first place.” He grinned over at his interior decorator of a sister-in-law, who was sitting to his right.

“Did you really?” Aurelia asked, learning something new today.

“Yes,” Jenny replied.

“You did an excellent job,” Aurelia complimented.

“As always,” Count added to that compliment before returning to his half-finished dessert.

“Thank you both.” Jenny smiled at her sister-in-law and husband in turn. “I tried to put my interior decorating skills to work in the master bedroom, too, but your stubborn husband wouldn’t let me near that room,” she turned to inform Aurelia.

Aurelia chuckled, making light of that reference to her husband being a bit of a control freak at times. “I hope I don’t meet any resistance when I move your upstairs gym to the downstairs guestroom. That way you can go from working in your office to working in your gym right next door,” she said, now addressing her husband.

“Sounds like a great idea to me. It would definitely be more convenient.” Baron smiled.

“Then I want to turn your former gym into a private dance studio for me. I want to put mirrors on one whole wall, take the carpet up, and then buff and shine the hardwood floors underneath. Maybe add in some free standing ballet barres,” Aurelia continued.

“Another good idea.” Baron nodded his approval.

“As for the master suite—”

“No! The master suite stays the same,” Baron interrupted firmly, cutting Aurelia off mid-sentence. “I love every piece of furniture in that room. Had it all custom made to my specifications from trees that I chopped down myself.”

“Don’t be too hasty with your no’s, Professor,” Count cautioned evenly, looking at the dark thunder clouds forming over Aurelia’s head. “After all, that is your wife’s bedroom now, too.”

“Exactly!” Aurelia agreed with her brother-in-law. Then she turned flashing eyes of ire to her husband. “Had you simply waited ta hear what else I had ta say ‘bout de matter, you would’ve learned dat de color scheme was de only ting I wanted changed, not de furnishings demselves. You would have also learned dat I love dat furniture and have no desire ta eva change it, particularly ‘cause you put so much time and energy into having it made.”

“Aurelia,” Baron began apologetically.

“Save it, you…you…control freak!” Aurelia retorted, rising to leave the room before she said even worse things to him in front of company.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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  1. And so the beginning of their marital woes begins...

  2. I had a feeling that Barons control issues would cause Ree Ree to speak in the VI slang. Well it is normal for them to have martial woes at some point so I will be happy in the fact that I know they have true love thus they will bet together forever. (prayerfully)

  3. Oh how the tables turn over something so simple. But at least they can get it worked out early.


  4. Carmel B: There will be a HEA in this book. No worries. Everything will work out just fine.

    E: Yes, the little things really can trip us up and usually do.