Friday, May 8, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 45.2

“Way to go, Professor,” Count said as Jenny left the table to console their sister-in-law. “Way to make your new wife feel real comfortable in her new home.”

Baron hung his head in guilt and shame. “Sometimes I really put my foot in my mouth around her.” Then he briefly shared how he’d upset Aurelia in the Bunting kitchen in his zeal to change the bad eating habits of her family.

“Yes, you have definitely been putting your foot in your mouth lately. Both feet,” Count agreed after hearing that short account of the St. Croix incident. “But why? Are you anxious over your marriage? Feeling insecure?” he asked, sounding like the psychologist that he’d almost been before changing his major to law.

Baron took a deep breath and blew it out. “Yes, I’m very anxious and insecure,” he admitted. “I’m so afraid of this marriage not working out. Of Aurelia leaving me just like…”

“Megan did,” Count finished for him, nodding in understanding. “That’s why you keep tripping over your own feet, putting said feet in your mouth, and also going out of your way to spoil Aurelia.”

“Wait a minute now. You know I’m a generous man by nature,” Baron protested.

“Of course you are. Yet based on the things I’ve heard Aurelia gushing about to Jenny during today’s visit, you’ve gone beyond your usual generosity with her,” Count replied. “I mean, you actually reversed poverty in the whole Bunting family. Had her grandparents still been alive, you probably would have spoiled them rotten, too.”

“Probably,” Baron acknowledged. “But as you know, I could certainly afford to do what I did several times over.”

“Don’t remind me.” Count rolled his eyes. “Now although being generous with your wife and in-laws is not a bad thing, going overboard out of fear is. You have to understand that fear is a monster, Professor. A monster that seeks to control everyone, particularly the people that submit to it. Fear is also usually at the root of every control issue.”

“What do you advise?” Baron asked, needing to gain a different perspective of the situation.

“I advise you to face your insecurities head-on and then share them with your wife. Trust her to understand. Invite her to help you get over them. If I remember correctly what you told me about Aurelia, she has a few trust issues of her own. Something to do with a cheating ex-boyfriend?”

Baron nodded. “You’re exactly right…about everything.” He took a deep breath and blew it out. “Thanks for the sound advice. Now I need your advice about something else. Something that I may need to help Aurelia get over.”

Count listened quietly as Baron shared the specifics about Aurelia’s encounter with Oliver. The frown in his forehead grew deeper and deeper with each new piece of information. When the candid disclosure was over, he said, “I have but one question for you.”

“Shoot,” Baron prompted.

“If for some reason Aurelia is unable to get over that painful part of her past, can you be satisfied with what she is willing to do in the bedroom? Not just now, but for the rest of your married lives? Because if not, this thing is going to be like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden all over again. You’re going to want it to the point of utter distraction and cause even more damage to your marriage.”

“Okay, that’s technically two questions,” Baron teased before turning very serious again. “However, the answer to both questions is yes. I can be satisfied with what Aurelia is willing to do…forever.” I have to be, he added to himself.

Count smiled. “Good.” Then he issued some tips on how Baron could gently help Aurelia get over the sexual abuse in her painful past.

Those tips were simple: Be understanding, be loving, be patient, and lastly, be a motivator for change.

“Prayer wouldn’t hurt either,” Count concluded.

Baron grinned. “Mama and Uncle Miguel would love that last thing for sure,” he said, referring to their devout Christian mother and Catholic priest of an uncle.

“Most definitely.” Count chuckled. “One last piece of advice,” he said, about to bring this impromptu counseling session to an end.

“I’m all ears.” Baron leaned closer.

“Go find your wife, apologize for being a control freak, tell her that she can change anything she wants in this house, and I mean anything. Then give her the biggest kiss you can muster.”

Baron smiled. “I was going to do that anyway.” He rose to his feet even as he spoke.

“Well, be quick about it then. One minute of unresolved conflict in a marriage is a minute too long,” Count said, quoting their wise mother.

Baron was out of the room before that quote was done. He took the stairs two at a time upon hearing female voices on the upper level of the house.

After following Count’s last piece of advice to the letter, Baron found Aurelia quite forgiving. She even escorted him to their bedroom so that they could make up in style.

Meanwhile, Jenny slipped back downstairs unnoticed. “I don’t know what you told Professor, but he’s up there practically ramming his tongue down that girl’s throat,” she said, entering the dining room where her husband was wiping down the table he just finished clearing.

Count grinned. “Is she liking it?”

Jenny chuckled. “Very much so. Matter of fact, they might be a while, if you know what I mean,” she replied, walking over to her husband.

“I know exactly what you mean,” Count replied, pulling her close. “Open wide, lady. It’s time you got a little tongue lashing of your own.”

Jenny’s subsequent chuckles were swallowed up on a heated kiss.

Still on the newlywed side themselves, they ended up going upstairs to one of the guest rooms to satisfy another type of appetite. They stayed there all night.

Baron and Aurelia didn’t mind. They were too busy making love in their own bedroom to care one way or the other. It would be much later when they discovered that they had overnight guests.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

Story is scheduled to go to the VOD blog at Chapter 46

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