Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 40.2

“Put the game down now, Trent, or get it took,” Aurelia warned him sternly after she’d seen him pick it up and play yet again in between bites of food.

“Aww…Ree-Ree, do I have to?” Trent whined, still holding the game.

“Yes, now put de game down,” Aurelia said firmly with flashing eyes.

“Do as she says, Trent,” Emile inserted, no longer tongue-tied as she backed up her daughter’s disciplinary methods.

Baron smiled, pleased to see his mother-in-law so supportive of Aurelia’s true role in Trent’s life. Such support was going to make the inevitable transition of parental care that much smoother for everyone involved.

Baron’s smile widened when Trent actually obeyed the women in spades. Not only did the lad put the game down, he turned it over on its face to keep himself from further temptation.

“There’s one last thing I needed to talk to you about, Mama Emile,” Baron said, getting back to the business at hand. “And that’s your basket-making business,” he continued, ready to shock his mother-in-law and his wife, who had no idea what he was about to say next because he had not discussed it with her like all the other stuff.

“But I don’t have ah basket-making business,” Emile replied.

“You will, if you let me provide the capital for you to start one. Feel free to partner with your sister if you like and make it a real family business.” Baron grinned.

Emile and Aurelia gasped in shock. Yet it was Aurelia that looked at him with volcanic heat in her eyes.

At that look, Baron’s lower body swelled beneath his breakfast tray. He was going to get another night of hot passion behind this unexpected act of benevolence. He just knew it. Baron could hardly wait. But for now, he had to take in a deep calming breath to keep himself in check until then.

“Mama Emile, are you ‘bout to cry again?” Trent asked, looking worried. All the tears he’d seen in her eyes during his brief hospital stay had made him extra sensitive to her emotional state.

“Yes, but for happy reasons dis time,” Emile replied with tears already rolling down her cheeks.

“Same ting for you, too, Ree-Ree?” Trent asked, noting Aurelia’s tears as well.

“Yes,” Aurelia replied over the emotional lump in her throat.

As the two women got up to hug Baron, they continued to cry happy tears. Neither could believe their good fortune. And to think, Aurelia met this wonderful benevolent man while working as an exotic dancer!

Love truly could be found in the strangest places.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier



  2. Wow!! what to say what to say? I am truly in love with Baron myself. I mean it shows the character of a man who not only takes care of you but your family as well. Ree Ree is a good wife too I love how they interact with eachother. Mama Emile and Trent just too cute she has really been a great grandma to him. I know that the all good will be mixed with a little bad soon so for now I will bask in the glory of all there happiness. Thank you for such a lovely story.

  3. Carmel B: Yes, Baron really is a good man and even when he's bad, it's always with the best of intentions (spoiler).

    I'm feeling A & B's interaction, too. You can tell that it has become more love than lust now. I hope. lol.

    Mama E is a wonderful grandma. And yes, you should enjoy the good parts because the bad stuff will come soon enough. But since this is a romance novel, just remember that there will be a HEA. Which means, the bad stuff won't last forever.

    You're welcome about the story. Thanks for reading along.