Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 42.2

Awaking in the master suite of her new Alcove home early the next day, Aurelia sighed with contentment. All was well in her world.

Her husband was downstairs cooking breakfast for them by the smell of turkey bacon in the air, her family was happy in the V.I., her new car (a gold mist-colored Cadillac Escalade) was being delivered today, and their stateside jobs were still secure.

Although Aurelia let her job at the mall go as planned, she was pleased that they had held her position despite her long absence. Thus she sent her ex-supervisor and the whole evening staff gift baskets of appreciation.

Baron’s job security had been touch and go for a moment. Having called Dean Paterson while they were still in St. Croix with the news of their elopement, he’d gotten an initial response of extreme disapproval from his supervisor.

However, since Baron had proven to be an excellent teacher in so short a time and had at least waited until after the semester was over to marry Aurelia, Dean Paterson was able to push past his disapproval rather quickly. He seemed particularly pleased about Baron marrying Aurelia instead of just dating her. Marriage between a student and teacher indicated true love while simply dating pointed more towards lust.

All Dean Paterson asked of Baron and Aurelia was that they be discreet about things until after she graduated. This was to deter any speculation that Aurelia hadn’t earned her grades the right way. Nor did the Dean want to spark any copycat behavior among other students and teachers. It just wasn’t good for business.

Aurelia agreed with the dean’s decision and willingly consented to cooperate with his request once Baron informed her about it. Her respect level for Dean Paterson also grew. She had no idea that the reserved bow-tie wearing administrator could be so open-minded about such things.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so accepting of Aurelia and Baron’s union. In fact, at this very moment, Baron was downstairs having an intense argument with two of his brothers.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

Aurelia’s new car:


  1. Oh Prina that's my dream SUV...I ain't even gonna say it but you about know what my thoughts are.

  2. Subrina: I'm feeling that SUV, too, girl. At first I was going to go with another car, but when I saw that Caddy, I said that's the one. Which means we have even more in common.